Automotive Modelling Tips, Tools and Techniques

Sept 12, 2022

Wow a now tip!!! It has sure been a long time coming. These are some of the tips and techniques that I have used in building my models. Each modeller is different so these tips that have worked for me but may not work for you. You may have another method that is easier, cheaper or better

With the number of magazines and Web pages devoted to modelling there is a huge amount of information available. With all the different subjects there are million of tips that can be written. I have decided to specialize in mostly the automotive area. (more specifically racing cars) I have included other tips that I find amazing and helpful.

If you can think of any unique tips you would like to see please e-mail so we can share these techniques with fellow modellers.

1. Exhaust piping (text and diagrams) Revised September 22 2001
2. General Engine Wiring (text only) (G25) March 21 1996
3. Instruments (text and diagrams) April 26th 1996
4. Coil Shocks (text and diagrams) May 8th 1996
5. Applying Photo Etched Parts (text and diagrams) Revised Oct 12th 1998
6. Black Window Trim (text only) 31/5/96
7. Quick Tips To Build A Better Race Car (text only) May 31st 1996
8. Realistic Body Damage (Automotive) (text and pictures) July 14th 1996
9. Weld lines (1.putty, 2. Styrene)(text and pictures) August 27th 1996
10. Racing uprights (text and Pictures) Updated September 19th 1996
11. Computer Database and your model Collection (text) October 24th 1996
12. Decals (text) November 30th 1996
13. Building A Spray Booth (text and pictures) Rev Feb 15, 2011
14. The Travelling Toolbox (text) November 30th 1996
15. Mould Making (text) March 24th 1997
16. Some tips for improving your 1:43 kits (text) July 24th 1997
17. Rubbing out Paint Revised June 1, 2000
18. Racecar driving figures Oct 10th 1997
19. Aluminum Race Car Wings August 4th 1998
20. Making Simple Photo Etched Parts November 28th 1998
21. Glass Etching November 28th 1998
22. Brake Detail March 25, 1999
23. Car Antennas & Stripping Paint August 31, 1999
24. Assembling a Rear Wing on a F1 Car August 31, 1999
25. Making Your Own Decals Revised Aug 27th 2000
26. Installation of wiring (diagrams) June 12 2001
27. Adding Lights to your model (photos) July 20 2008
28. PhotoEtching (method 2) Sept 12, 2022

TOOL TIME 10/5/96
A list of tools that I use

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