Aug 31, 1999

General Tips

Here are a couple of tips sent in by Jeff Wallen , Tucson Az -

1. Car Antennas

To create an unbreakable antenna use a bristle from a nylon brush. If you take a match you can heat the end to create a ball at the tip. You can paint these with a permanent marker.

2. Stripping Paint

Jeff has used CASTROL SUPER CLEAN to strip Testor Enamel paint from a kit. This product was sprayed on the parts and left to sit for an hour. A toothbrush was used to get the paint out of corners and panel lines. This was found not to affect the plastic.

Editor notes:

1. Car Antennas 2

Another source for making antennas is to stretch sprue. Fine stiff wire is also useful since it can have a chrome type finish.

For painting stretched sprue or the nylon bristle you should first give it a light sanding. I run the antenna down a folded piece of 600 grit sandpaper. This will give the paint something to grip onto.

2. Stripping Paint 2

For stripping paint I have used Easy Off oven cleaner and Brake fluid. I have used this to strip enamel and acrylic paint. I do not know of any product that will strip lacquer paint and not damage the plpastic.

For Easy Off spray on and leave for 15 minute. Use a toothbrush to get at hard to reach spots. Note that the fumes can irritate your eyes and lungs.

I find brake fluid to work very well when the Easy Off didn't do the job. One should use rubber gloves when handling the fluid. I leave the parts to soak overnight before cleaning. This does take quite a bit of brake fluid to submerge a car body but you can use the brake fluid over and over again.

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