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Each show has something special about it. It could be something build, a very funny sketch, a prank or something totally unplanned.

Saturday Night Pranks - May 1999

After all the rehearsals and late nights it all comes to a sad conclusion on the last show date (Saturday). It is this reason that this show is sometimes different then the others before it. Sometimes pranks are played on cast or crew members on each other. Usually the audience will not notice any change in the show but those involved in the production will.

I usually know what is going to happen but every so often a prank is played out that I don't know about and it cracks me up. This is not good since I am usually filming the show at the same time. You can tell when watching the video later on and the picture shakes up and down.

Oops - April 12th 1997

Besides planned pranks there are events that happen by accident. Some are very funny, others are a bit more serious but in the end everyone was OK.

Things You Don't See Every Day - April 12th1997

A variety of sketches and events that have occurred in past shows that are worth mentioning.

Things You Don't Build Every Day April 12th 1997

In the years I have been involved with the show I have build some very odd items. I think this is one of the reasons I like helping out.

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