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Last Updated April 12th 1997

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What is Skule Nite?
Skule Nite (pronounced "school night" - we use the metric spelling) is the annual musical comedy revue produced by the Engineering Society at the University of Toronto. It's a series of comedic sketches, songs and dances which vary in length from 30 seconds to about 15 minutes. Over 80 people help put on the show, including a cast of around 20-25 people. The Skule Nite troupe is traditionally an energetic and enthusiastic group of people, each of whom adds their own special magic (or something) to the show. This enthusiasm results in a truly unified cast where each member acts, sings and dances; it also leads to a lot of great parties.

Skule Nite started in 1921 and was origianlly held at Massey Hall. Entire terms were spent building the elaborate sets for the show. The show switched to Hart House Theatre in order to get women cast members into the building. At this time women were not allowed in Hart House.

Who Can Join?
Ninety percent of the cast and crew are from the engineering faculty but we welcome undergrads and graduates from all faculties across campus. You don't even have to be a student at the University to join the show.

Who Writes the Show?
All the material in the show is written (or improved) by the Skule Nite troupe - everyone from the production staff to cast to backstage crew to band. Writing for the show started in the summer of 1996 and there are weekly meetings, we are always looking for people with new ideas. If interested e-mail for more information

What Can I Expect At The Auditions?
The show involves singing, dancing and acting, so for cast auditions we'll ask you to do some of each. It's helpful to learn the words to a familiar song, but this is not a pre-requesite. Come ready to dance (loose clothing), and we'll distribute scripts for the acting portion.
When you first arrive, we will pair you up with someone and together you will audition. We encourage you to bring a friend to audition with you because for many people, a friend gives their confidence level a boost. Don't hesitate to bring sheet music if it's a song our Musical or Vocal Director is unlikely to know. For those interested in the production of the show (sound, lights, crew, set construction, etc.) come and fill out an information form so we can have the appropriate person get in contact with you.

I'd Love to Be a Part of It, But Who's Got the Time
To stage the most professional show on campus does take some time, but over 80% of our cast and crew members return sometime during their stay at U of T - many of them have joined Skule Nite again and again for four straight years! They decided that Skule Nite was easily the most constructive and satisfying way to use their spare time.

Rehearsals run from November to mid-March, excluding Reading Week. Normally two weekday rehearsals will be from 7:00pm to 10:00pm and the weekend rehearsals from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Initial weekend rehearsals will be on Sundays only, closer to the show the Saturdays will be added. A more accurate schedule can be obtained from the director during the auditions.

Is Experience necessary?
No, but enthusiasm and a desire to perform is. In short, if you want to be part of a great show and think you've got some ability, we want to see you at the Auditions.

When are Auditions? And When is the Show?
Auditions for the 1997 show will be in October or November of this year. Audition notices and posters are posted in September and October in various buildings throughout the campus. Regular articles will be published in the Engineering papers and hopefully other campus newspapers
This performance takes place in Hart House Theater from (tentative schedule) Wednesday March 12th to Saturday March 15th 1997 starting at 8pm. You can expect to perform to over 1600 people through the four nights.

Can Someone Answer My Question(s)?
If there is a specific person you want to ask questions (Producer, director, stage manager etc.) go to the

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