Ferrari 312T3 1978: Tamiya 1:20

Picture 1
Engine with kit wiring replaced and some more added
Rivets were used for the intake trumpets

Picture 2
Modification to main body separating part of the engine block from the back of the monocoque

Picture 3
Kit part above and below t modified part with new piping added (not bent yet)

Picture 4
From left to right
1. New shocks (four) made from wire and turned aluminum parts (aluminum was from an exacto knife handle)
2. Kit shock
3. New Instrument panel #1 from sheet aluminum, PE bezels, wire
4. 2nd instrument panel not painted
5. (Bottom) Kit instrument panel

Picture 5
Thw two engines new completion. Hard to see but new oil filter made along with electronics tray

Picture 6
New radiator, hose connections and start of the fire extinguishers

Picture 7
New rear wings made from sheet aluminum, and brass rod. Actually easier to make then it appears

Picture 8
Second view of the new rear wings. Wings are removable since the bolts can be taken off

Modifications so far

1. Replace Kit Intake Trumpets (Rivets)
2. Add Fuel Lines (White) (Radioshack Electrical 22 Ga Wire)
4. Modify Distributor/ Wiring (replace kit wires)
5. Add Pe Bolt Heads In Various Areas
6. Replace Electronics Tray (Brass Sheet Formed)
7. Front portion of engine molded to back of monocoque. This is cut off and attached to engine. Mounting bolts added to back of monocoque.
8. Replace Hoses To Radiators And Add Missing Ones
9. Replace Rear Disc Brakes With Pe Parts
10. Scratch Oil Cooler And Add An Fittings And Lines (Aluminum Sheets And Screen)
11. Add An Fittings And Lines To Oil Filter (Brass Sheet For Mounting Strap)
12. New oil filter from turned aluminum. Add hold down straps. Add an fittings and hoses
13. Scratch new oil radiators from aluminum sheet and screen material. Add hose fittings and hoses
14. Instrument panels scratch and wired. Made from aluminum sheet, pe circles and turned aluminum backs
15. New Front Working Shocks Sctarch Built From Turned Aluminum And New Springs
16. Kit Exhausts Replaced With Scratch Built Ones From Solder Each One Individually Formed
1. Cut Front Of Body Off
2. Front Body Modified And Detailed

1. Front/ Rear Wing Endplates From Aluminum Sheet
2. Rear wing mounting point scratch from brass tubing soldered together and aluminum tubing. Wing mounted with nut and bolts and is adjustable
3. Rest of rear wing made from bent aluminum sheet and polished up
4. Individual rivets added

1. Paint rear brake calipers and wire
2. Paint brake ducts tan and check for flaws (or scratchbuild?)
3. Sand and paint body gm spectra red
4. Install rear drive shaft assemblies
5. Scratch aluminum fire extinguishers. Paint plumb /wire and mount
6. New oil tanks (3 minimum) add fittings
7. Finish off engine
8. New seat belts and hardware
9. New pedals (scratch)
10. New shocks and modify rear suspension
11. Front brakes modify and mount new units
12. Front rims scratch and make removable assembly?
13. New front wings
14. Modify steering column
15. Modify front brake bottle assembly
16. Modify steering wheel
17. Mount front roll bar
18. New front suspension
19. Scratch aluminum monocoque?? From aluminum sheet??

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