Stargate Atlantis - Wraith Dart


March 2 2008
Things are starting to look a it better but I may have to go a different route then trying to carve everythig out of a chunk of putty

Feb 25 2008
Now I am starting to refine the various areas of the model

Feb 18 2008
Minor refinements to the body shape but then the overall shape was warpe so that is now being fixed.

Feb 10 2008
Got sidetracked with other projects so this one sort of got neglected until today

Feb 3 2008
Well it is getting to the labourous stage. Progress will seem glacial. Mostly grinding and puttying. I could spend hours on the model and it will look very little different from when I started. Not much to do but keep at it or I risk the project dying.


What can I say. The scratch built SERENITY fried my brain but for some reason it was also neat. So I decided to try something else. How about a Wraith Dart from the TV show StarGate Atlantis. A complex shape but I figured if I finished SERENITY then this could not be any worse. Well I guess I must have forgotten the rough times I had with the other project as this one has also been a bit trying