Super yellow 1:20 Ferrari F399 1999

May 13th 2000


Material: Resin, White Metal, Decals

This is the 1999 Ferrari F1 car as driven by Eddie Ervine and Micheal Schumacher. With this car Eddie drove to 2nd in the drivers championship and the one Schumacher broke his leg in.



Front Wing: x poiece white metal

Rear Wing: x Piece White metal

Engine: none

Suspension: White metal


Wheels: White metal

Other Parts

Resin: - seat, transmission block

White metal: steering wheel, dash board, head rest

PE: barn doors, mounts





Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

Front Wing

Rear Wing.


Turning vanes (or Barn Doors)







All the parts included in the kit minus the decals. Notice no PE or rubber

Close up of the parts

The front wing parts. I am not sure if the two little curved parts at the top outsides go on the front wing but a quick look at the instructions did not show where they went.

Close up of the tires, wheels, brakes, calipers and uprights. Brakes calipers and uprights copied from a Ttamiya kit. Wheels also copied from a Tamiya kit. Front tire is cast with the wheel. Some air holes in the wheels that had to be filled

The transmission block, undertray and tunnel.

The rear wing and white metal exhaust ports

The front suspension parts. Those mounting points will never hold the weight of the kit.

The seat, dash board, steering wheel, barn doors, cameras and other small bits.

Rear suspension parts

The decal sheet included with the kit.

Close up of the decal sheet

The Tamiya F310 decal sheet needed to complete the kit.

The rear tires needed to complete the kit.

Close up of the body moulding.

Close up of the rear of the body.