Things you don't build every day
Last updated Dec 1999

Most years we get to build interesting and strange items. Here are a few of them
A bazooka to shoot out a missile
4 foot long Enterprise (the original NCC-1701)
Full size Styrofoam motorcycle (FZR750R)
Builld a chest buster from Aliens that can sing
Helicopter to be thrown at Miss Saigon
Lion Dogs (two)
Paint a donkey's ass
Build a functioning orange dildo
Build a six foot mosquito costume
Power Rangers Megazoid costume
Computer Costume
8foot high light switch (get turned on)
6 foot hoggie
Custume with a Duracell battery sticking out he back
A brain for the Lobe Club for men
ATM machine for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Sperm
A costume with a spear through it
A four foot I beam with Christmas lights
Star Trek console that blows up
A six foot grasshopper
A Spanish Gallion
Polka Pot Door
Four foot long needle
Statue of Liberty
Post Apocalyptic New york Scene
A baby crib that explodes
A crypt
The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo
1:10 scale F18 Hornet to fly accross the stage and crash
The Canadian Parliament Building to be blown up
Working??? Light Sabres
Kodos and Kang from the Simpsons
Vulcan machine gun
1:1 Dinosaur that picked up someone
1:1 Dr Who Dalek
T-1000 Terminator Skeleton
A working Catapault

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