Things you don't see every day
Last updated April 12th 1997

Where else will you see

Batman (Adam West) fighting Batman (Micheal Keaton) note this was before Batman (Val Kilmor)

Goldilocks and the three bunji cord jumpers
The first one was too weak. Snap..Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Thump
The second one was too long. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Thump
The third one was just right...but he forgot to tie it off...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Thump
The end

Teenage Mutant Nijna Tutors

Mighty Morphine Power Rangers

See someone break all Ten Commandments in under a minute

Call for the ex-Terminator (Arnold)

See Madonna sing Code (Vogue)

See mother goose take out the brothers grim

See the handsome prince (hp) take out the bad apple (Macintosh)

Goldilad and the three militant scotsmen

A rogue Viking cartographer
Who likes to sit around and eat maps.

Wonderwoman try and find a job

8 foot high light switch

Calculator with wings

Dress up as the energizer bunny

See the energizer bunny be blown up

See Barney the dinosaur be blown up

Make fun of eng scis/Scottish/gays/squash cats/abuse drugs

See Kirk kill Wesley

Amorphous farm animals

Hockey night in Hell

Oil of overachievers

Teen etiquette with Axel Rose

M.C. Hamburger

Gordon Lightfoot does Led Zeplin

Durakeen (Duracell)


$6,000,000 Wang

Clint Eastward choreographs Skule Nite as only he can.

Bill and Teds engineering adventure

Hitch-hickers guide to the faculty

Lobe club for men
I'm not only the President...I'm also the President


Ralphio and Juliet

Smoky the prophylactic

F!rosh motel

Devry institute of philosophy
This is a play on the DeVry Institute of Technology. DeVry as well as other University are easy targets for jokes due to the rivalry between Unversitys.

Ry high
Ryerson Polytechnic is one of those other institutions that we make fun of.

Don Cherry as a professor - Rock-em Sock=em Dynamics

Pocahantis in slow motion
What hidden messages?

The Simpsons
Starring OJ

Arnold do bible stories

Polka Pot Door


Kung Fu: The Legend Suddenly Ends

A Nightmare on Harbord Street

VD24 (Victoria Day May 24 - A take off of Independence Day July 4th)

A classical opera but in the end everyone dies

Theatre By The Blind

A Porno Sketch on stage???

Other stuff

Walk through a womens anti-violence parade with a shotgun
During building for one show we had to take some props to the rehearsal room which happened to be in another building. So we got Bill to take them over. One of the items was a fake shotgun and at the same time there was a womens anti-violence parade going on and he had to walk right through it. The result only one woman stopped him and let him go on his way after explaining the prop and showing her it was fake.

Set off a building fire alarm and get 5 firetrucks
During one of the building sessions we produced so much sawdust that it set the fire alarms off. When fire departments get an alarm from a University building they come so fast that it would turn your head. The reason for this is that these buildings usually contain many dangerous chemicals. Not only do they come quickly, they sent a lot of trucks. (5) needless to say we were a bit embarrassed and the fire detectors have been adjusted to take into account our building.
Another note about this incident is that this was a Sunday and the doors are normally locked in this building. We quickly had guys at each of the entrances ready to let the firemen in because we were afraid that they with knock the doors down to get it.

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