Saturday Pranks and Others
Last updated May 2 1999

1. Tube of toothpaste(9T3)

During the fairy tale sketch Mother Goose (Caprice) is telling a story and one of her lines is that the Prince (Greg) goes off to search for a tube of tooth paste. This was a quick throw away line just to get the actor off the stage for the next scene. On Saturday, after this line is spoken, a tube of toothpaste (Colgate 150lbs) appears on stage (Ashok) and is quickly tackled by the Prince. Caprice knew that something had happened as the audience started laughing where they didn't in previous shows. She said she didn't want to turn her head and see what was happening for fear that she would find it funny and not be able to deliver her next lines.

2. Rock & lobster (9T0 & 9T1)

During a sketch McGuyver (the man who can build a fusion reactor out of bublegum) is always jumping out and offering advice. At the same time he (Andrew) always has in his hands some odd items, usually tools and books. These items are just things he picked up as he passes the props table. One time he picked up a fake rock in one hand and in the other a stuffed lobster, hence the Rocklobster.
This continues in the 9T1 show on Saturday when a cast member (Almira) in a totally unrelated sketch says "I need some sort of fiber". When out pops McGuyver with a Rock and a Lobster.

3. Fly in car (9T4)

In this sketch there are several students in a racing car. To make it appear that the car is moving (when in fact it is stationary in the middle of the stage) there were several items that traveled backwards like a jogger, a tree and another car. On Saturday to add an extra element a stage hand (Rafael) was dressed in a mosquito costume and went splat on the windshield of the car. Also in the same scene as the car is racing and beating the UofWaterloo car the music from Grease (Greased Lighting) was playing in the background.

4. No smoking (9T4)

In a jail scene we had (Jennifer) behind bars and the jail guard sitting by(Rosie) . Normally Jennifer is peeved because she was incorrectly incarcerated and asks for and gets a cigarette. On Saturday the guard replies that they don't smoke cigarettes in that city, they smoke only the good stuff. It this point she produces a king size joint and proceeds to light up.

5. Sets

Over the various years the people who build the sets get into the act and add small items and hidden messages in the sets. Whether these are noticed by the cast, band or audience is never known.
Examples, love notes on a graffiti infested wall, Fido Dido and Darth Vader in the sets, two squirrels doing their thing in a tree. Bart Simpson poking his head out of the curtain during intermission, car license plate with a hidden message, a stuffed animal boozing it up, a set with a painted knight wearing running shoes, a boiling caldron with the words Mech (Stands for Mechanical Engineering) hidden in the flames, a Skule Nite shield with Lady Godiva and the inscription Mek Rules in Greek, Brian and Mila appearing on the band set, and so on...

6. Directors cut (9T0)

In a Get Smart sketch the director (Franco) made a cameo as himself. The director is then kidnapped and replaced with a Kaos agent (Gloria) after the switch, Get Smart (James) asks... "say Franco weren't you wearing Doc martin boots?". Gloria replies that she was but changed them because she found them uncomfortable. On Saturday Franco decided to try and screw up James and Gloria and appeared in his underwear only. James covered after the switch by asking the Kaos agent "say Franco weren't you wearing underwear", Gloria covered up by saying "yes I was but it was cold so I put some clothes on".

The story doesn't end here as Franco made the mistake of not hiding his clothes from the stage crew and ended up with a lot less clothing than when he started.

7. Shotgun (9T4)

A judge (Victoria) during a trial orders the stage band leader to be taken out and shot (to show how tough a judge she is). On Saturday the appropriate shotgun and sound effect are present to blow the band leader away. To the audience it looked as though it fit in but to the cast who weren't informed it was... "WHAT?????"

8. Sound

It is not only the cast and crew that perform practical jokes, the band and sound guys also get their share. The sound FX guys can change sounds, add sounds while the band can speed up/slow down dance songs, add songs, change songs etc.

9. Kermit (9T1)

In this show a stuffed Kermit appeared in certain sketches. At the end of one he gets his head bitten off. On Saturday it appeared that Kermit was in every sketch. It got so bad that other cast members were getting jealous of his amount of stage time and kidnapped him. Nothing was heard from them since and we think he now wears cement shoes at the bottom of Lake Ontario

10. Fart bag (9T0)

Normally as one sketch end another is being set up on another part of the stage. This is usually done in the dark so as not to attract the attention of the audience. For one sketch the set up was Greg sitting on a chair while Marisa is supposed to interview him. On Saturday she decided to place a fart bad on the chair. So as this is being set up there was this loud fart sound. Marisa being very happy that her joke worked, started to crack up and when the lights came up she couldn't say her lines.

11. Superman in Batman (9T0)

In this Batman sketch at the very end we have the Catwoman (Carla) shoot Batman (Ken). After seeing this the Joker (Greg) comments "Why didn't I think of that???". On Saturday after the shooting we had Superman (Arvind) jump out and say "Thanks Catwoman (Hands her a bag of money) I really hated it when his movie made more than mine"

12. Aliens in McGuyver (9T0)

All during this sketch McGuyver is jumping out with stuff in his hands and saying ie I have a book and a rubber chicken (See No2 Rock & Lobster). On Saturday he jumped out and said "I got and alien". What he had on was a costume that showed an alien bursting out of his chest, ribs, blood and all.

13. Franco & Ed - Dildos (8T8)

This sketch had two (Franco and Ed) Olympic masseurs talking about the Olympics while doing their thing on two dummies. Of course for Saturday one of the dummies was anatomically correct wile the other one was anatomically correct and then some (Extra appendage)
Franco said he was ready for the extra appendage but when he saw two he started to lose it and had to turn the dummy over.

14. Fil & Heather Waldo on phone (9T2)

In this Waldo sketch Heather is delivering a speech while Fil is on the phone talking to someone else. Because of Fils very funny expressions the audience laughs. Heater was usually confused at this laughing since her dialogue is not that funny. On Friday she realized what Fil was doing and decided to fix his wagon on Saturday.
On Saturday when Fil went into his act she stopped her speech turned around and put her finger on the hang up button. However Fil was totally oblivious to this and kept talking away. Heather was a bit set back and pushed the hang up button a few more times until she gave up.

15. Ken & underwear (9T0)

During this Twin Peaks sketch the ending was to have Palmer (Ken) turn up in his underwear and not be dead at all. For Saturday it was arranged so that the entire stage lights would go out and a spotlight would focus on the briefs. Ken was very surprised and performed a quick retreat before he realized he had to be on stage for the sketch to end.

16. Hatz & karate pose (9T4)

In this sketch the Dean (Alex Hatz) of the university is to shut down the Department of Forestry. When several irate student confront him carrying weapons, normally the Dean would send his minions after them. On Saturday he decides instead to defend himself by adopting the Karate Kid pose. A defense that no opponent can attack against.

17. Short skirt & castle (9T0)

In this fairy tale sketch the background was to have a Medieval castle. Instead of creating an elaborate set we produced a castle that was obviously held onstage by a crew member. The crew member (Michelle) held this castle in front of her, only exposing her legs. So on Saturday she decides to wear a short skirt and sexy pantyhose. So all we saw was this castle with sexy legs.

18. Pictures on star trek console and in bucket (9T0)

Every so often one prank to another cast member is to place nudie pictures in areas that a cast member can see but the audience can't. One that worked was placing them on a Star Trek Console. The nudie guy pictures were seen by Heather and Gloria. Heather was a bit distracted and had to turn the pictures over.
The second one had nudie pictures (guy pictures again) at the bottom of a bucket. The idea was for Marco to see them as he looked into the bucket. Unfortunately this failed as he didn't notice them.
It should be noted that both of these pranks were organized by women cast members.

19. Amirs aid sheet (9T4)

During this sketch Amir has told his friend that he has his Aid sheet completed. An aid sheet is a sheet produced by the student to take into an exam with formulas, info that the student thinks is needed. Normally this sheet is shown as a long sheet of paper. On Saturday it appeared with some pictures of women. I guess we need our inspiration where we can get it.

20. Victoria and Raping Greg(9T2)

In this sketch Victoria is a cavewoman and during the dance number she normally picks up Greg throws him over her shoulder and walks around with him. On Saturday she decided to have her way with him with the help of Fidelis. Needless to say the rest of the cast was a bit shocked at what was happening onstage. The audience loved it.

21. Marco and the 24 elixir of life (9T0)

In this fairy tale sketch the handsome prince (Marco) finds a 24 elixir of life which was an empty case of beer. Normally he picks this up and runs around with it. On Saturday the case wasn't empty but filled with 50 pounds of sand. Marco was a bit surprised when he tried to pick it up and gave up after a couple of attempts.

22. Prime Time Tummy Awards (9T0)

This sketch at the end had some small statues made of Styrofoam. Oscars with BIG tummies. Well on Saturday they (like the dummies in No 13) were anatomically correct. With one being more gifted and excited than the others. The announcer (James) had them propped up in from of him and had to hand them out. While the cast members that received them had to make sure one side wasn't seen by the audience.

23. We can still be friends (9T6)
In this sketh the VO states "You know you life is pathetic when..." The lights come up to show a girl (Diane) say to the guy (Vince) "We can still be friends". On Saturday night a sign was held out that said "Rajko". Of course Rajko is the director of the show and has been seen together with Diane on several occasions.

24. Rajko Masterbat...(X3) (9T6)
At the beginning of the show the first dance ends with each actor having his/her own line. These are supposed to be cute little sayings. Om closing nite some were changed to "Rajko's Masturbating" (can I say that?). One was changed to "He is Masturbating" while another was changed to "I am ovulating". I guess you had to be there

25. This is the End<(9T6)
For the final song/dance there is one line where the cast say "This is the end" and point to their rear ends. The director thought this was great while the cast wasn't convinced. On Saturday they changed the line to "This is my ASS"

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