Last Modified April 20th 1999


1. During the "Full Mountie" sketch at the end there is a dance where our actors strip down to nothing but strategically placed flags. This is a choreographed process where pieces of clothing come off. On several nights more clothing came off than was desired. On one night one of the dancers "Chris" went on as if nothing had happened. On another night Chris changed the dance slightly so he could cover his "flag" with his hat.

2. During Star Wars Yoda "Mike" walks in as several cast members walk out. On Wednesday as they were walking out they accidentally bumped Mike and knocked one of his ears off. The cast members who walk off are vaporized. Mike tried to cover by stating "Ahhh the blast took off my ear". No problem here and the other cast member on stage Obi-Wan (Chris) handled it very well. Cast members are taught to pick things off the stage to prevent others from possibly tripping on these items or they being left on stage for the next sketch. Chris had the presence to pick the ear up as it had fallen on the floor. The killer comes when Yoda (Mike ) yells out "Give me back my ear." Needless to say Chris had some troubles saying his next few lines.



1. During the "7 Seconds" Ian is supposed to be held, to be shot. On Saturday they decided to handcuff him. Since Ian couldn't resist there wasn't much he could do.


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