Skule Nite 9T9 -Audio Files

May 7th, 2000

Some songs from the Skule Nite 9T9 Show. Note the server these are stored on will not allow M-P-3 files so the extension has been changed to "XYZ". To listen to them you will have to download them and change the extension to M-P-3 before you could play them.

1. Beg Steal or Borrow - (1.6M)

You have to do some nasty things to survive in life.

2. Eng Sci - (2.2M)

Four Engineering Science students sing a song on why they love being Eng-Sci students and how smart they really are.

3. The End of TOS Star Trek???? - (1.9M)

The Enterprise is attacked by Recard... I mean Kahn. First all the ensigns are killed. Then even those trusty Star Fleet officers such as Sulu and Chekhov. All that is left is Scotty, Spock, Bones and Kirk. Is this the end?