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Opening number sung to the tune of "Thriller" with Donald as the lead singer.

Back row L-R Tim, Ian, Donald and Front Ian (No 2) Doing a cowboy sketch that I thought was a bit over the top when I first read it. This sketch turned out fairly good and funny.

Learning Channel Sketch with L-R Samia, Joanne (Hidden by knife) Jane and blond Aryn as the patient.

Design project sketch. Derek and I had a lot of fun building the props for this sketch. To the left is the 1:1 Dalek. To the right is the Terminator skeleton that stood up later on and moved his hands, head, hips etc. Oh yes the actors are Samia and Donald in front. Behind is Bob and hidden is Laura

One of the funniest sketch of the show. Star Wars - Episode 1. Here we have Chris as Obi-Wan and Mike as Yoda. Mike always had problems keeping his Yoda ears on.

"I'm and Eng-Sci" sung to the tune of "I'm and asshole" Singers are L-R Laura, Anna (almost hidden), Magdalena and Joanne. The tortured looking guys are L-R Donald and Yuval.


The classic Three Little Pigs with a Skule Nite twist of course. For those who saw it knows it end "like the book says...". Cast members are L-R Karen, Ian and Jane

Another scene from the Three Little Pigs or Technically Correct Fairy Tales. Here we see the wolf (Tim) getting ready to "blow" the straw hut built by one of the little pigs (Jane).

 The White Trash Compactor. This is another sketch that started out iffy. A little tweaking here and there and the end result hilarious. Actors are L-R Karen, Donald (sitting), Kevin and (twisted up) Leslie.

The second fairy tale. Could you guess it was Little Red Riding Hood? Another one of those unforgettable sketches. Actors are Laura (Red Riding Hood) and Tim (Wolf)

Due South with a twist. Sketch had it's moments but dragged in places. Actors are L-R Tim(Ray), Chris (Fraiser) Ian(Ray #2). If you haven't guessed yet Chris is holding up a gigantic metal bra

Due South ending. Well one thing leads to another and in the end we have Ian, Chris and Tim doing a strip. Needless to say the girls in the audiance loved it. The guys did have flesh coloured shorts but in the right lighting you can be left guessing.

Ah yes. What is Skule Nite without a Star Trek sketch. Here we return to the original series that ends in a song?? Actors are L-R Kevin (as the overacting Kirk), Mike (as a blond Vulcan Spock), Karen (Uhura), Laura (unknown ensign that of course dies) and Ian (as Pavel)

Cooking With the Navy Seals - a key battle scene in this sketch. Ian and Bob burst out of the freezer to surprise a Hawaiian shirt wearing Tim. In case you are wondering they are carrying M16s

The lead up to the Swing dance. Actors with the pondering expressions are L-R Leslie, Donald, Ian and Magdalena

And here we have the end of the Swing dance. The dancers are too numerous to mention but the pose is nice.

Rita McNeil Princess Warrior - Sketch had a lot of potential but we ran out of time. It was still very funny

Skip Your Way - A sketch on how to skip you way to an engineering degree. Another sketch that had it's moments. One of the best things about this sketch was the funny music. The music was actually written by one of the band members. Actors are L-R Kevin and Bob

Thesis Defence - Sketch was played out as one of those cheap Chinese dubbed movies. Very funny. Actors are L-R Joanne, Aryn (hidden), Mark (hitting), Kevin (being hit) and Ian (you may call me Master)

 The End. Lead up to the final dance number. After an hour and 50 minutes of another great show we come to the end. Actors L-R Kevin, Karen and Mike

The Stage Band

The Crew People (Lighting, Sound, Construction, SPFX, Crew)

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