Selected picture from the 9T8 run throughs and show. Pictures are stored on the Freeyellow site so I don't know how long it will take to load up.

End pose from West Ides Story

Action Shot From West Ides Story. Leslie is doing the throwing and Eric (L) and Kern (R) are getting tossed back

The sketch that got the most screams from the women in the audience.

A spoof on the WWF using our politicians as the players. Organized mayhem that was very funny.

Gilligans Island Sketch. In the background Gilligan (Tim) is dropping coconuts. Don't you hate when the props break and even fall into the audience.

The Revolution Sketch playing on the French revolution and the situation in Quebec. Nice sweaters

Part of the Family Feud sketch pitting the Star Wars people against the Star Trek people. Of course we have above the Star Wars people and below the Star Trek people.

Duck, Duck, Duck Goose!!

The Finale dance

A few shots of the cast posing.

Cast after notes!

The crew people with the T-Rex

The guys portion of the dance from West Ides Story

Officer Krumpky (sp?) song

Gilligans Island

Gimme the Damn Coke sketch that was based on real life.

The guys song

The Robbers Sketch with a slight twist of course. Love the look on Anna's face (bottom). Actually both of the girls names in this picture are Anna.

Working on a Sun sketch (actually a dance) Basically a girls dance with Xavier doing the singing. It won't make any sense but the thing the cast will remember from this dance is the words "punch, punch my ass, my ass..."

A really bad joke that got on stage

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