Skule Nite 9T8 -Audio Files

May 7th, 2000

Some songs from the Skule Nite 9T8 Show. Note the server these are stored on will not allow M-P-3 files so the extension has been changed to "XYZ". To listen to them you will have to download them and change the extension to M-P-3 before you could play them. Unfortunately the quality of the first three aren't that great but it is better than nothing.


Uof T Engineering is in turmoil! The Mechanical and Computer Engineers have been at odds with each other. Along comes two young fools who start to shake things up.

1a. West Side Story - Comps - (1.0M)

The Computer Engineers think their discipline is the best on campus and will sing a song to show how good they are. A take off of the Jet song. So smoke on your pipe and put that in! :P

1b. West Side Story - Mechs - (1.9M)

No wait! The Mechanical Engineers say they are the best on campus and have a song of their own. There are some glitches in this audio file. A take off of the "America" song.

1c. West Side Story - Professor Krumpkie - (2.1M)

The students have been derided as being worthless and weak by their professor. The student sing a song mocking the cruel word of their teacher. A take off of "Officer Krumpkie" song

2. Tote That Barge - (1.1M) NO we don't get to hear Katherine sing.

The real word is not fun. This barbershop quartet type song reminds you of this.

3. Working on a Sun - (1.6M) Inside Jokes (Boy they sure look like guys. Punch, Punch, My Ass My Ass)

A student wins a computer of his choice in the Skule Nite contest. He wants a Wintel computer while his very persuasive girlfriend wants him to get a Sun System. He doth protest.

4. Ex Says It All - (384K)

A little ditty about being kicked out of Engineering Science.