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Skule Nite 9T7 - Geo Dance Number
Rehearsals: this is the guys only song and dance. From left to right Kern, Yuval, Donald, Adam, Mike (behind) and Travis. not everything is ready yet as you can see Shirlie holding up one of the set pieces

Skule Nite 9T7 - Just Say No
A take off on the Just Say No to drugs campaign. The two actors on the sides (Travis and Candace) are trying to persuade the one in the middle (Leslie - getting roughed up) to do something she doesn't want to. Only at the end do we learn that they are Lemmings and they are trying to get the one in the middle to jump. We also see in the background the Alien from the Simpsons used in the VD24 sketch.

Skule Nite 9T7 - Star Wars
A angry Luke (Travis) finds out that Darth Vader (Donald) is his father and that Lea is his sister. This means that last night... when Luke and Lea got together and...

Skule Nite 9T7 - We're really Looney Tooney
All the actors are hams. Here we have Kia getting ready for a blackout in her typical fashion. The thing on her head is not a bad wig but a monkey mask.

Skule Nite 9T7 - Ricolla
Ricolla...Ricolla. Phone. Nice spiffy outfits (L-R, Chris, Travis and Kia). Especially the one on Kia

Skule Nite 9T7 - Valkryies
Scene from the opera. The sister Valkryies have found out that their sister Brunhilda (Anna clutching the teddy bear) has been kicked out of the cult by momma Valkryie (Samia in gold). Valkryies are (L-R) Teresa, Marta, Kia (the evil look), Aryn (the gasped look)and Donald (the big rugged one).

The Valkryies have just survived an attack by the townspeople. Here they are planning their revenge.
Back row:(L-R) Kia (missing), Aryn (sticking her tounge out) and Donald (nice boobs)
Front Row:(L-R) Samia (momma Valkryie), Teresa (wearing a modern watch) and Marta (ready to kick butt)
Valkryie chest plates made out of fiberglass. Sure had a fun time making those. Wasn't sure what the girls would say about the idea at first. Let's just say some of the chest plates are enhanced. Costumes turned out excellent

Skule Nite 9T7 - Angel Without Wings
Here we have an Angel (Michelle) who is trying to earn her wings by preventing Mike Harris (Jason - nice knees) from killing himself by jumping off a bridge.

Here the head angel (Kern) is seen having problems with his halo. Michelle is known for her permanent smile no matter what. In a later sketch when she and another actor are being killed by aliens we she is smiling throughtout the scene. Nice costume and halo Michelle

Skule Nite 9T7 Four Skulemen
(CW starting from top left) Kern (yes that is a bridge attached to his finger) , Candace, Aryn and Jason. These four Skulemen discuss their hard times when they were in school and how easy the students have it these days

Skule Nite 9T7 - Galileo
Galileo defies the church to preach his scientific facts. The church doesn't like this and sends him to the "Rack". (L-R) Punisher (Xavier), Galileo (Travis), Bishop (Candace) and Serf (Aryn)

Skule Nite 9T7 - Cheaters
Dance Number - Cheaters. A little song and dance about the problem of students cheating on tests, exams, problem sets etc. Singers are (front L-R) Teresa, Anna and Kia. Dancers behind are (L-R) Travis, Samia, Jack, Marta, Yuval, Xavier, Chris and Michelle

And here we have them on stage

Skule Nite - Geo Again
Here we have the Geo dancers again but this time on stage with all the sets, scafolding, helmets etc.

Skule Nite 9T7 Rubber Face
Xavier is known for his facial expressions. Here he is about to commit Harry Karry to salvage his "Honour"

Skule Nite 9T7 What's that you say?
Not that the cast is nosy but they always keep an ear open for the latest gossip.

Skule Nite 9T7 Theatre by The Blind
Well the title about says it all. A sword fight by the blind. Actors are (L-R) Leslie and Kern

Skule Nite 9T7 Some of the Girls
Some of the girls discussing a pornographic (???) sketch in the second act. (L-R) Leslie (a what sketch???), Candace (disgusting), Kia (Ba bow) and Anna (huh?!)

Skule Nite 9T7 BaBow Pictures
A Pornography Sketch???
Now some pole have dirty minds and looking at the picture above people might be thinking something is going on

But when viewed from behind we see everything is very innocent

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