Skule Nite 9T7 -Audio Files

May 7th, 2000

Some songs from the Skule Nite 9T7 Show. Note the server these are stored on will not allow M-P-3 files so the extension has been changed to "XYZ". To listen to them you will have to download them and change the extension to M-P-3 before you could play them.

1. Geo - (1.5M)

The unlucky student has just failed out of Engineering Science after struggling in vain to pass. He could have transferred out to the program of his choice but was hoping to scrape by. Now being kicked out, he has to go where the faculty wants him to go. He has been transferred to Geology and is being mocked by his former peers. His fellow Geo students try to convince him that Geo is actually very good.

2. Les Finales - (1.0M)

This is the final song and dance number of the show. Skule Nite has been in Hart House Theatre for 75 years