Skule Nite 9T7 Cast, Crew Etc

Name: Jack
Class: COMP 9T8
Typecast: Jean Chretien, student (drunk student)
Catchphrase: "I need a woman", "Should I use the fork or the spoon"
Desires: See catchprases.
Pet Peeves: Being typecast. Also see catchphrase.
Description: Usually found downing a frosty mug of beer or relaxing before a rehearsal (and for Jack there was a fine line between the two), Jack was a calm island amidst an ocean of chaos throughout the rehearsals and shows.
Aspirations: To graduate, get a job, and get a woman, in any order.
If he could change one thing: I would have been drunk at *all* the rehearsals.
If he could sleep with anyone, it would be: Now Jack isn't one to brag, but he could have any woman his heart desires, provided she was a) blind, b) drunk, or c) a member of the Skule Nite cast.

Name: Travis
Class: ENG SCI 9T4+P
Typecast: Persons persecuted for their religious beliefs.
Catchphrase: "Zoinks", "You're all going to hell!", "Anyone wanna go for a beer?"
Desires: His own standup comedy routine.
Pet Peeves: Harnesses that pinch his crotch, mob scenes, empty beer glasses. Three words: Jesus Christ Superstar.
Description: Travis, as the older, lanky, good looking, social coordinator of the 9T7 had all the young women in the audience (and show) swooning. Then again, maybe it was the fumes (the ones backstage and at the parties).
Aspirations: To leave all this artsie stuff behind and become an aerospace engineer just like mom always wanted.
If he could change one thing: He would have done a song, none of this "pick the lock" shit. And more gratuitous usages of the word "fuck".
If he could sleep with anyone: [This space intentionally left blank to keep Travis out of trouble with past, present, or future girlfriends and the law.]

Name: Yuval
Class: ENG SCI 0T0
Typecast: Stutter boys, loud annoying types
Catchphrase: "uh... uh...", "Avoooooooogaaaaaaadrooooooo"
Desires: Maturity, a real haircut, some "soul", to be shameless.
Pet Peeves: How come Hatz is always rejecting my scripts? Stop calling me stutter boy!
Description: Yuval was always eager to lend a hand in every situation, but we still love him. His sense of humour will be sorely missed, especially if he returns to cast next year.
Aspirations: Hey, if I was director, they'd *have* to use my scripts!
If he could change one thing: To have Dmitrevsky as his thesis advisor.
If he could sleep with anyone: Yuval would gladly sleep with anyone, but only if he can have the top bunk.

Name: Candace
Class: CIV 9T7
Typecast: Italian figures of prominence.
Catchphrase: "an orgy of mayhem", "Hello, CAA? My Camaro is busted. What do you mean so what?'"
Desires: Now of course, when I was a f!rosh, we used to dream of desires!
Pet Peeves: Moustached men with funny hair and smelly feet, directors with funny hair and smelly feet, bad pickup lines, singing in the key of loud.
Description: If you didn't have a chance to see Candace perform on stage this year, flip through the photos and take a look at her facial expressions, especially during the Opera and that brilliant lemmings sketch (she looked like she really wanted to throw Leslie off the cliff, what was that about?). What depth, what emotion, what range! Is she blushing yet?
Aspirations: To drive her Camaro into the sunset without a care in the world. You'd better get a tune-up first, Candace.
If she could change one thing: Wouldn't have been Kern's date to Gradball.
If she could sleep with anyone: Amadeo Avogadro. Those sexy italian scientists...

Name: Kern
Class: ENG SCI 9T7
Typecast: Eng Sci geek
Catchphrase: "Hey, I just went swimming!"
Desires: Say, this alcohol stuff is interesting, where does one get more of it?
Pet Peeves: Nonstationary halos.
Description: Kern is the quintessential Eng Sci, and could always be found harmonizing with someone.
Aspirations: To be in the best darn Barber Shop Quartet ever, so that he can get free haircuts.
If he could change one thing: Playing an Eng Sci geek really ruined his image back in the common room.
If he could sleep with anyone: Kern would sleep with anyone he had to, to get into next year's cast (that would be , Kern).

Name: Michelle
Class: ENG SCI 0T0
Typecast: Half-Pint (of what?)
Catchphrase: "You're the bestest!", "I hate you ______", "Where are you going with my car!"
Desires: Mmm... chocolate martinis, 12 inch heels.
Pet Peeves: People who use words she doesn't understand (What's a lush?), people who tickle her, tow trucks.
Description: The range of Michelle's acting ability is evident from her transformation from the cute little angel in Wonderful Province to the boisterous little devil at the cast parties (I can't believe she spilled her drink on Kia's carpet!). By the way, did you like her angel costume? Her mommy made it.
Aspirations: To earn her wings.
If she could change one thing: She'd have been a valkyrie!
If she could sleep with anyone: Well, she does have that love/hate thing going with Hatz...

Name: Chris L
Class: ENG SCI 9T8
Typecast: Characters with two different sized arms
Catchphrase: "You're shameless!", "I'm going to try and pick the lock"
Desires: To have less shame.
Pet Peeves: Shameless men. Not enough shameless women.
Description: Often found struggling under the weight of the many belts he is alleged to hold, Chris still managed to dance his way into the hearts and souls of thousands of admirers.
Aspirations: To find some real competition for the Dancing belt, you people are too easy to beat!
If he could change one thing: That porno sketch was totally uncalled for, and way too shameless.
If he could sleep with anyone: He would. (Ouch!)

Name: Aryn
Class: COMP 9T5
Typecast: Toadie for the administration (basically, a TA)
Catchphrase: "A technique for finding approximate solutions to physical or mathematical problems using statistical sampling procedures based on the use of random numbers."
Desires: Can I keep my Valkyrie costume? Joel has this fantasy...
Pet Peeves: Why weren't there any women in the Geo number!!!
Description: Aryn was responsible for the really long, dull and tedious sketches that the audience didn't like at all, like Mission Impossible (yawn! A guy flying. yawn!). If only she'd begun her training at an earlier age...
Aspirations: To learn LaTeX in time to finish her thesis and write next year's show.
If she could change one thing: Her name would have been listed first as a writer in the programme.
If she could sleep with anyone: Rumour has it, she likes men in uniform. Oh Aryn, you're too old for Boy Scouts!

Name: Kia
Class: COMP 9T4+P
Typecast: token blonde (There, are you happy Kia, it didn't say "mom". Oops.)
Catchphrase: "Woooooo!", "You guys!"
Desires: Men with big feet.
Pet Peeves: Rude neighbours with babies who can't sleep through a bunch of engineers singing "Alligator", and cops who want to ticket her for it (Hey, officer, is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?), chocolates, interrupting e-mailing to do work.
Description: Everyone's pretty familiar with Kia, especially after that Riccola sketch. Always smiling, Kia brought joy and fun to the cast and crew, earning her the nickname "sunshine girl". She sure throws one hell of a party!
Aspirations: To have eighteen children and name them after this year's cast. Oh, and don't forget "Alex", the family dog.
If she could change one thing: Oh, let's take a wild guess and say... stop being the mother figure?
If she could sleep with anyone: Who's left? Oh wait, that was last year's joke. Let's just turn out the lights, get behind the screen, put on the music and see what happens.

Name: Anna
Class: MECH 9T9
Typecast: Singing roles, characters with bad haircuts (just what was Hatz trying to say?)
Catchphrase: "No no no no no no no no..." "... no Xavier, I will not sleep with you!"
Desires: A really long vacation
Pet Peeves: I can't believe none of you came to see me in Joseph!
Description: This was both Anna's and her bear's first Skule Nite performance. One of them is cute and cuddly, and the other had an arm ripped off by Donald, but we're not saying which is which.
Aspirations: To get out of mechanical engineering and into a real discipline, like elec or comp.
If she could change one thing: More singing!
If she could sleep with anyone: She has a list, but she's not telling. Sorry, Xavier.

Name: Xavier
Class: COMP 9T9
Typecast: mangy animals
Catchphrase: "Let's run away and have passionate sex" (He can't believe we used his best pickup line in the show!)
Desires: (in no particular order) Candace, Michelle, Leslie, Anna,...
Pet Peeves: Cute doesn't get him laid, "that little Chinese guy in the opera was really good"
Description: To quote one of his fellow cast members, Xavier is one sick puppy. Actually, we think he's more of a fun, easy-going, talented, sick puppy.
Aspirations: Let's not mince words. To get laid.
If he could change one thing: Sex scene in the opera, why wasn't I in the porno sketch???
If he could sleep with anyone: (in no particular order) Marta, Caprice, Kia, Samia, Aryn, Teresa, Kim, Shirlie, Heather, Karen, Becky, Michelle, Candace, Leslie, Anna, Kelly, Sally, Carole... Hey, maybe he will. After all, Xavier knows women like he knows the back of his hand!

Name: Jason M.J.
Class: ENG SCI 0T0
Typecast: Not really. Bastard!
Catchphrase: "It's my friend Patrick"
Desires: Older blonde women, and more female fans in the audience (you have to invite them Jason)
Pet Peeves: mean prop managers/TAs.
Description: Jason is the sweet, innocent, frosh, who's just so darned cute all the women love him, too bad he can't take advantage of the situation.
Aspirations: To pass first year Eng Sci (luxury!)
If he could change one thing: More women screaming and throwing underwear at him when he was singing Geo.
If he could sleep with anyone: see accompanying photo.

Name: Leslie
Class: CIV 0T0
Typecast: The woman taking her clothes off behind Mel's mob.
Catchphrase: "Healthfare", "Look at me, I'm standing on my hands"
Desires: Valium. Does anyone know where my "off" button is?
Pet Peeves: Why don't you people have any energy???? Dance with me!
Description: Leslie is a bundle of energy that, at any moment, is prone to spontaneous erruptions of insanity. Quick, someone call Guinness, we've just discovered a perpetual motion machine!
Aspirations: To move back to "Tunder Bay" where the beer is always colder, the moose are always in season, and the trucks are always on blocks.
If she could change one thing: Longer death scene in MI. Larger roles. Hey, people paid good money to see me!
If she could sleep with anyone: A herd of lemmings.

Name: Adam
Class: McSomething
Typecast: Characters with hairy chests, big schlongs, and cheesy lounge acts.
Catchphrase: "Way to go [insert name here]."
Desires: For everyone to forget the Sat. night party.
Pet Peeves: Incorrect timing of other people's "at this hour" lines, hyperbole
Description: Once you get over the fact that Adam is, quite possibly, the ugliest man we've ever seen (and we can say that without hyperbole - that's exaggeration, Kia), he turns out to be a pretty great guy. Who'da thunk it?
Aspirations: To become mayor of the mega city.
If he could change one thing: Why weren't there any women fawning over me in this show? In my last show...
If he could sleep with anyone: Who needs sleep when you can have pizza. Actually, Adam admitted to wanting to sleep with that chick on the Craftmatic commercial; "man, those things look comfortable!"

Name: Marta
Class: IND 0T0
Typecast: Hey, she wasn't typecast! Unfair!
Catchphrase: "... on this unprecedented occasion."
Desires: good looking older men (what's that supposed to mean, Hatz?), fake blondes
Pet Peeves: That damn scooby sandwich, people razzing her about her man, being "flown" without the benefit of a wire.
Description: Marta is too cute and too young for her own good, and for the good of others.
Aspirations: To become a U of T Mouse. She gets a gun, right?
If she could change one thing: She wouldn't have grabbed Xavier's cojones, much to his objection. Wouldn't have had to smile during the lift, either.
If she could sleep with anyone: Her boyfriend. Who else would a sweet, innocent girl like Marta want to sleep with?

Name: Teresa
Class: GEO 9T9
Typecast: Bush, drunk (hang on, Teresa didn't play a drunk in the show... Oh!)
Catchphrase: "I don't drink", "Ixnay with the Ifficultday Ictionday!"
Desires: Rocks.
Pet Peeves: Igpay Atinlay, photographers
Description: Teresa has the most amazing ability to come up with ideas and sentences that bring a look of puzzlement to many a face, and sometimes even to her own. We'd like to say that she proved to us beyond a shadow of a doubt that Geo really is more than rocks and grass, but we can't.
Aspirations: We're not sure, but it definitely involves rocks.
If she could change one thing: Real Gatling gun (actually, it was a Vulcan cannon).
If she could sleep with anyone: The mineral florite.

Name: Samia
Class: CHEM 9T7
Typecast: Student
Catchphrase: "HE MUST DIE!!!"
Desires: We're not sure, but they probably involve Star Wars figurines
Pet Peeves: Fibreglass, being in the bow of the canoe
Description: Samia was this years true mother figure, despite what Kia thinks. She managed to rise above all the others (with the help of a riser) and astonish us with her hammer weilding talents.
Aspirations: Samia will probably win some famous literary award and get rich.
If she could change one thing: Would have made the breastplates out of something that wouldn't splinter and was less nauseating.
If she could sleep with anyone: Samia had a really long list, but our addresses are in the calendar, so we're not going to print it.

Name: Donald
Class: MECH 9T9
Typecast: Tough girl, roles requiring muscle tone
Catchphrase: "Take it like a man", "Charismatically feed your legs into a wood chipper... Have a nice day"
Desires: To be the champ, seems to like belts, that could indicate leather...
Pet Peeves: Shameless men, alternative music, anyone who likes alternative music, hearing girls complain they can't get a guy
Description: Donald is the sort of person that you'd want to have around in case we ever got into a rumble with the Daffydil cast and crew. Of course, he'd probably just abandon us after all the comments that have been made. We could say a lot of other things about Donald that would make him very uncomfortable, and make everyone else laugh, but he'd beat us into a bloody pulp.
Aspirations: World Bank enforcer, then get even with anyone who ever made a joke about me.
If he could change one thing: Longer Valkyrie skirts.
If he could sleep with anyone: You people have no shame!

Name: Mike
Class: COMP 0T0
Typecast: Typical Canadian, stunt double for Kia
Catchphrase: "Ba-bow", "That blonde guy was incredible"
Desires: Ba-bow.
Pet Peeves: People who mispronounce, mispell, and misuse "Ba-bow", Geo, Stomp, Sgt. Pepper's, basically all dance numbers.
Description: Mike competed this year with Kia for the role of token blonde, but lost only because of lack of experience. Don't worry, Mike, in a few more years you'll be screwing in light bulbs! (ba-bow!)
Aspirations: To be the next John Holmes. Ba-bow.
If he could change one thing: The porno sketch would have been real (hey, it could still happen, Mike), no dancing.
If he could sleep with anyone: Kia. Hey, that's incest! Mmmm... Kodos and Kang.

Sorry folks, information available only for those who provided it! We did embellish a little, however.

Name: Alex H
Class: ELEC 9T4
Typecast: Uptight director
Catchphrase: Anything starting with the word "Fuck", "It's not in a key. It's loud. It's in the key of loud"
Desires: Advertising job, the adoration of thousands of [female] fans.
Pet Peeves: Casting, roboscans, having to make all the costumes himself, having to write most of the sketches himself (hey!), getting rear-ended, having a weanie little girlie car in the first place, post-skule nite depression, having to actually work at work, quiet actors, no writing credits in the programme, credited last as writer in the video, no Pepsi slogan on the back of the coke machine, no mine cart in Geo number, sets collapsing opening night, curtains being pulled at the wrong time, Bill on stage, no glowing eyes in Scooby Doo, goofy looking Energizer bunny, and he didn't get to be in the show.
Description: This year's show set quite a number of records that will pass into the annals of Skule Nite history. The first time the cast was dismissed at a technical rehearsal, resulting in an estimated four days of technical move-in being performed in a day and a half. A major script revision only a few weeks before opening night (thank goodness no-one really knew their lines!). This year was, in the words of Paul Templin, the Hart House Theatre manager, "the biggest show ever performed in Hart House," and by far the most complex. And Alex was the guy that made it all happen. His twisted vision of drunk barbers, prancing Valkyries, dancing Geos, etc., shaped the show into something that impressed even those involved, and left a lasting impression on the audience, if the songs people have been singing in the cafeteria are anything to judge by.
Aspirations: To direct the best Skule Nite production in 76 years. Oh wait, he's already done that.
If he could change one thing: See pet peeves.
If he could sleep with anyone: If he hasn't asked you already, he probably won't. He's pretty shy about such things. Girls, the best solution to this dilemma is to just assume he wants to sleep with you and take the initiative. There, Hatz, if that doesn't get you into a steady relationship, I don't know what will.

Name: Trevor
Class: ENG SCI 9T8+P
Typecast: Producer
Catchphrase: "If you give us some money we'll write a sketch about you."
Desires: To direct a better show than 9T7 (good luck!)
Pet Peeves: Directors who want to renege on contractual agreements with advertisors. Getting up early on Sunday to teach rhythmically challenged people to Stomp. Budgets.
Description: The guitar weilding Trevor was always willing to sing a song, and could always find someone to give us free stuff. He also lives in a convenient location.
Aspirations: To direct next year's show, while not getting fired from his PEY job.
If he could change one thing: He would have made a cameo appearance.
If he could sleep with anyone, it would be: A girl with nice...morals.

Name: Derek
Class: COMP 9T4
Typecast: Curtain flunky
Catchphrase: "Not my problem", "Aviv's building it"
Desires: Bigger hard drive, faster motherboard, more processors, basically what everyone desires.
Pet Peeves: Spelling, directors who don't know the difference between stage left and right.
Description: Derek is afflicted with a serious case of alcove envy, which he hopes to rectify in the future.
Aspirations: To finish his thesis.
If he could change one thing: Would have opened the curtains early on the F-18 every night.
If he could sleep with anyone: Mmmm... Ultra Sparc.

Name: Neil
Class: ENG SCI 9T9
Typecast: Master Carpenter
Catchphrase: "Is there any Upper Canada left?"
Desires: To be confused with his brother less often.
Pet Peeves: Who left the !@#$%& pancake in my mailbox????!!!!
Description: Neil is kind of ugly, but somehow he manages to get all the women, the bastard.
Aspirations: Who cares about the future, as long as you know where your next beer is coming from?
If he could change one thing: Maybe a few more months of building sessions before the show.
If he could sleep with anyone: Hey, he's from Deep River. You get him drunk, he'll sleep with anything, I mean, anyone.

Name: Alex Kung
Class: MECH 8T8
Typecast: Scale model designer and builder, Styrofaom Guy Extraordinaire
Catchphrase: "I want to build an F-18, can you write it into the show?"
Desires: A room full of blue styrofoam, a really sharp exacto knife, and a week off from work.
Pet Peeves: Building things he doesn't want to build. Cameras that wont focus. Cast members who get locked behind doors.
Description: Alex vows that every year will be his last, but we keep enticing him with gifts and empty promises so he keeps coming back.
Aspirations: Well we still haven't flown the plane from the lighting booth.
If he could change one thing: All the girls would have worn breast plates. The parliament buildings would have blown up better, and the F-18 would have flown under its own power.
If he could sleep with anyone, it would be: Alex is too old for all of you, sorry ladies.

Name: Aviv
Class: ENG SCI 9T4, ECE GRAD 9T7
Typecast: Director's flunky, prop man extraordinaire
Catchphrase: "I'll finish it when I get back from vacation"
Desires: A real title. A woman would be good too. (I'd settle for a woman with a title -Aviv)
Pet Peeves: Directors who think they know what they're doing, but really don't have a clue in the world, but won't admit that without Aviv, the show would have sucked. Being last in the writing credits.
Description: When Aviv was in the country he could be found building this thing or that, and swearing that he would never again be doing this. Aviv will return next year to write and build bigger and better things
Aspirations: To work for Industrial Light and Magic so that he can make light sabers for the next Star Wars movie.
If he could change one thing: Don't get him started., but some more recognition for his devotion and sleepless nights would help. He would have been in the audience.
If he could sleep with anyone: He wouldn't let us print it, 'cause he's shy, ooh look he's blushing.

Name: Gina
Class: ENG SCI 9T9
Typecast: Vocal Director
Desires: Emmanuel (that guy with the amazing voice who auditioned for the show)
Pet Peeves: I can't believe you guys still remember my bug costume from run-throughs last year!
Description: See last year's description, she really hasn't changed much, although she is older and wiser.
Aspirations: To learn the Cheaters dance.
If she could change one thing: She would have been in the cast! (Damn that design project!)
If she could sleep with anyone: It's pretty obvious, when you think about it...

Name: Caprice
Class: MECH 9T2 (+P)
Typecast: Choreographer
Catchphrase: "Mike, more stick! Donald, don't bang so hard!" (ba-bow)
Pet Peeves: Spell my name right for a change!
Description: Caprice would always wear short skirts, even on the coldest days. We're not sure if there's any significance to this fact, but it does explain the frostbite.
Aspirations: To choreograph another Skule Nite (we wouldn't make this stuff up, Trevor)
If she could change one thing: More dance numbers dammit, and would have made the Geo number all girls.
If she could sleep with anyone: We didn't mean to leave this space blank, it just worked out that way.

Name: Rebecca "Becky"
Class: ENG SCI 9T8 (+P?)
Typecast: Choreographer
Catchphrase: "Single single double..."
Desires: A flawless Cheaters. And you'll keep doing it until you get it right!
Pet Peeves: You're doing it all wrong!
Description: Becky didn't seem to yell or scream at the cast nearly as much as her predecessor did. You could tell she wanted too, though.
Aspirations: To be the first engineer to dance with the National Ballet Company of Canada.
If she could change one thing: Would have gotten rid of Stomp since it hogged all the people with rhythm.
If she could sleep with anyone: He'd probably have to be really flexible.

Name: Karen
Class: ENG SCI 9T9
Typecast: Promotions Manager
Desires: Sex on the kitcken table, according to Xavier.
Pet Peeves: Netvirk, homevirk, Microsoft Virks, Captain Virk
Description: Karen started the year out as cast, but couldn't handle another year of being hit on by Xavier.
Aspirations: To get married, so she can change her ecf login.
If she could change one thing: Would have stayed in cast, despite Xavier.
If she could sleep with anyone: Mmm... Hercules.

Name: Heather
Birthday: She didn't tell us!
Address: See Anna's address. They're roommates!
Typecast: Floor Director ("Let's see a little more reaction to being walked on, floor!")
Catchphrase: "Here's another one of your damn props!"
Desires: It better be to produce Skule Nite, or the show's in a lot of trouble.
Pet Peeves: Stop changing the damn set layouts!
Description: Heather did a tremendous job making sure everything went where it was supposed to, despite Derek's often illegible plots. What ever happened to the graveyard tombstones in MI?
Aspirations: See desires.
If she could change one thing: One less crew member.

Name: Kelly
Typecast: crew and painter

Name: Kim
Typecast: Flight crew
Desires: To be recognised for something other than being Travis' counterweight.
Description: Despite the tension between her and Travis, Kim managed to pull her own weight this year.
If she could change one thing: She would have let go of the rope.
If she could sleep with anyone: Sorry, it's impolite to gossip.

Name: Chris D
Typecast: Alcove flunky, hence the nickname "Alcove Chris"
If he could change one thing: Would have left the box empty Wed. night.

Name: Chris C
Typecast: Crew
Catchphrase: "I found this prop on stage..."
If he could change one thing: Get rid of the cast, they kept screwing everybody up.

Name: Shirlie
Class: ENG SCI 0T0
Typecast: Crew
Catchphrase: "I'm bored."
Pet Peeves: Windows. She hates the damn things. Take that!
If she could sleep with anyone: Shirlie is one of the few people who answered this question honestly, so it wouldn't really be fair to tell you.

Name: Bill
Typecast: Crew

Name: Bardia
Typecast: Alcove left flunky
Pet Peeves: Damn canary would never fall over.

Name: Dave
Typecast: Sound Manager
Pet Peeves: Hart House sound guys

Name: John
Class: ENG SCI 9T7
Typecast: SFX Manager

Name: David
Typecast: Sound flunky

Name: Paul
Catchphrase: "!@#$%& Roboscans!"
Desires: Actors that stay in the light. A T1 in his bedroom (ooh, Plug and Play).
Pet Peeves: !@#$%& Roboscans
Description: Having quickly risen through the ranks of Skule ite to the position of Head Lighting Flunky in only two years, Paul has shown that he has what it takes to move dials up and down.
If he could change one thing: Add a lighting booth cameo!
If he could sleep with anyone: Whoever put the lighting booth cameo in the 9T6 script!

Name: Dave
Typecast: Assistant lighting flunky

Name: Carole
Typecast: Vocal Flunky

Name: Dion
Typecast: Vocal Flunky

Name: Jason
Class: xENG SCI 9T3, xCHEM 9T3, xMMS 9T3, MMS 0T0 (+?)
Typecast: Production staff fossil, permaf!rosh
Catchphrase: "You know, when I was producer..."
Desires: To get out of first year (be careful what you wish for, Jason)
Pet Peeves: Calculus II ("Third time's a charm!")
Description: The f!rosh with the most grey hair.
Aspirations: To graduate in less time than it took Rob West. Oops, too late.
If he could sleep with anyone: Sleep? What's that?

Name: Prosenjit (Pro)
Typecast: Musical Director
Catchphrase: "You want to put the band *where*?"
Desires: A drummer with rhythm.
Pet Peeves: Not being seen.
Description: Those musicians, they all look alike...
If he could change one thing: Would never have ended Scooby Doo chase music.
If he could sleep with anyone: Pro didn't want to embarass anyone in this year's cast or crew, so he picked Diane from last year.

Name: Sally
Typecast: Band

Name: Gavin "Animal"
Typecast: Band

Name: Joe
Typecast: Band

Name: Darren
Typecast: Band

Name: Phillip
Typecast: Band

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