Picture 1(33.5K)
Derek the Floor Director and Master Carpenter
Dan the Director (The Big Cheese)
Marisa the Stage Manager
The purple things they are holding are Barney Bits. At the end of the show Barney the dinosaur gets blown up. These are the leftovers...Yummmm

Picture 2(14K)
Reject and VO Reject
Nicole and Aviv expressing their dissatisfaction on the amount of stage time they each received.

Picture 3(30.8K)
Sexy Singers from the runthroughs
Bernadette, Diane, Kathleen and Natasha

Picture 4(36.8K)
Scott and Joey in "Hand over the F***IN' cheese" (or step away from the cheese!!)
Julie expressing her desire for Nicoles cheese slice (runthroughs)

Picture 5(40.8K)
The Mighty Morphine Power Rangers - "Power Rangers it's MORPHINE time
Ron, Natasha, Diane, Joe and Nicole Powering up
Note Jack in the backgroung in the "Zoid" costume. Apparently he hated it... Hey wait a minute I helped build it!! (runthroughs)

Picture 6(38.7K)
Typical full cast end of dance number pose (runthroughs)

Picture 7(44.7K)
Alex L, Natasha, Trevor, Bernadette(below) and Diane (runthroughs)
Vlad (Trevor) and four sexy women....Uhhh 3 out of four ain't bad. I would have included you Alex if you shaved your legs.

Picture 8(20.7K)
Bryan and Julie (runthroughs)
Julie obviously impressed at what she sees

Picture 9(35.5K)
Bernadette, Alyson and Jen S - A couple of contestants on Schtuds have a minor disagreement (runthroughs)

Picture 10(30.8K)
Dance number pose - from bottom to top
Bernadette, Alyson, Chris L, Rowan, Jen S and Ron

Picture 11(39.7K)
Dance number pose (The other side) -from bottom to top
Kathleen, Nicole, Julie, Alex L and Joe

Picture 12(35.5K)
Another dramatic song pose
Natasha, Diane, Alyson, Bernadette and Alexandra

Picture 13(38.5K)
Shiny Happy People
Bryan, Joe, Kathleen, Bernadette, Trevor, Diane, Jen S, Rowan

Picture 14(24.5K)
Geeks that they really are.
Alex H, Ron, Jack and Trevor

Picture 15(21.5K)
Another song pose
Jen S, Julie, Chris M, Diane, Bernadette and Unknown Arm

Picture 16(81K)
The Skule Nite cast and stage band

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