Skule Nite 9T4

The Cast from This Years Show

The cast of this years show

Dan, Alex H, Amir and the one with the free ride is Briana

Some of the women of Skule Nite
From left: Marisa, Carla, Jen and the reclining one is Joanna

Rosie (left) and Jacqueline

Michelle and Kathleen

Some of the guys in this years show
Clockwise from top left: Alex L, Leo, James D and James A

Dan and Jen taking lessons on how to cross the busy streets of Toronto

People Behind the Scenes

The Skule Nite Stage Band

The Motley Crew of Skule Nite
From Left: David, David (lighting), Derek, Josyf, Rafal, Mike and Shannon (below)

Andrew and Victoria - Co-Directors of Skule Nite 9T4

Best sketch - Schrodingers Cat, Crazy Geo
Missed moment - Lion Dogs & Dragon
Best song - Queen Bohemian Rapsody
Dud - Hockey Night in Hell

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