Skule Nite 9T3

Gord, Agnes, Dan, Heather, Rajko, Melanie, Julie and Alex L(in back)
Dan - Director 9T5
Rajko - Director 9T6
Julie - always smiling
Alex L - Alex #2

Arvind, Caprice, Kia, Victoria, Greg and Andrew
One of those action poses. Nice legs Arv
Andrew and Victoria - Directors 9T4
Caprice - Mother Goose

Frozen in SPACE, don't know who the people cowering below but those in the air are (Left - Right) are James, Ka-Hing, Fil, Martina and Rajko
James & Ka-Hing - former band members turned cast turned band members etc...
Fil - Mr Rubber face

Clockwise starting with Mr Relaxed, Jason, Carla, James(Hidden) Rajko, Fil and Ka-Hing and Greg??
Carla - one of the energizer bunnys, also one of the Catwomen

Still learning their lines and getting their facial reactions just right
(Left - Right)Kia, Fil, Dan and Melanie

I was drink when I scanned these pictures in, that's why they are a bit fuzzy.


Jason (left) and James

Heather and Rajko

Agnes and Greg

Martina (what a smile) and Dan

Bryan and Carla

Fil and Melanie - either they were very bored or by an amazing co-incidence they both started to blink at the same time. Maybe they were both thinking "Take the fuckin picture"

Arvind and Ka-Hing - The sign they have behind them is a "Whamoo" fom a Batman sketch. During a fight scene these type of signes would come out


Karri - The Producer of the whole shebang for 9T3

Lydia - The Director of 9T3

Those hard working, extremely skilled, untiring and unappreciated crew members (am I laying it on thick enough??)
Starting from the bottom left, Ashok, Bill, and Josyf
Middle row left, Alex(one of the few times I am in a picture), Derek, Eric, Michelle, Jennifer, Dave
Top - Shannon

Ed - the stage manager

Another Brian - but this one is spelt differently and he was the vocal director

Lydia and Jen - Choreographers
Jen - who really, really, really, really wanted to be in the show
Lydia - she directs, she acts, she dances, she choreographs, she even makes Julian fries

Ann-Marie -the other excellent choreographer
How does she rate her own picture? Don't ask me I didn't take them someone else did. She is another one who is excellent at singing, acting dancing and choreography. I don't know if she can direct or even make Julian fries.

The Other Video
Best Song/dance - Skule is a battlefield, Everybody Cram Now, Me In Eng Sci
Dud - Newsroom
Best sketches - Batman II, Alternate Mines, Fairy Tale

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