Skule Nite 9T1


Heather, Victoria and Dan
Victoria - Excellent dancer and singer, Co-Directed 9T4
Dan - Directed 9T5

Gloria and Fil
Gloria - Excellent singer
Fil - the guy with the rubber face

Almira, John and Fidelis
Almira - Excellent singer
John - Excellent singer, Co-Vocal Director 9T5
Fidelis - Does a great Desiree, Costume Designer 9T5 and 9T6

JC, Chris and Don
Chris - Another excellent singer, Co-Vocal Director 9T5

Ken and Ed
Ken - Gangly arms
Ed - another rubber face, Director 9T2

Andrew, Greg and Rajko
Greg - The Don Cherry behind Rock em Sock em Dynamics
Andrew - The guy who bounces off the walls, Co-Directed 9T4
Rajko - Director of 9T6


Andre (producer) and Donna (Director)
Donna - Excellent Singer, Skule Nite 8T7 to 9T0

Tom - Vocal Director, Carson - Asst. Musical Director, Jim - Musical Director
Tom - excellent singer, you have to see his geek walk

Choreographers - Desiree, Ann-Marie, Jovanni and Lydia
Ann-Marie - I still think you should have slipped her the tonge, excellent dancer
Jovanni - Excellent dancer and singer, Professional actor on CBCs Side Effects
Lydia - Director 9T3

The Skule Stage Band - Carson, Sandy, Ka-Hing, Alice, Scott, Chris, James, Dave, Jim

Best Sketchs
Rock em Sock em Dynamics - Don Cherry takes over a Dynamics class as only he can
Napoleon the Final Chapter - JC as Napoleon doesn't know the meaning of the words defeat and surrender. Unfortunately failing the English proficiency test can cost more than your career
Riding the TTC - The song that was supposed to highlight the trio of singers but the background cast members got bored. The result was extremely hilarious and unforgetable
Goldilocks and The Three. - (Bungee cord jumpers), the first one was too weak aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (thud), the second one was too long aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (thud), but the third one was just righ. But he forgot to tie it off aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (sickly thud) THE END

Best song/dance
Saturday Night, Code - takeoff of Madonnas Vogue excellent singing, dancing and choreography my Ann-Marie, Downtown(bitch to video)- great song but with the action bouncing all over the stage fromsinger to singer the video turned out not as good as I hoped
Duds - The Constable, The Card Shop

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