Skule Nite 9t0

The director Franco

The Producer Hayley

Ed and Kerry
Ed Director 9T2, Stage Manager 9T3
Kerry Cast 8T9

Donna and Gloria
Donna Cast 8T7, 8T8, 8T9, 9t0, Director 9T1
Gloria Cast 8T8, 9t0, 9T1

James and Greg
James Cast 9t0, Band 9T1, Cast 9T3, 9T4
Greg Cast 9t0, 9T1

Ken and Sheena
Ken Cast 8T8, 8T9, 9t0, 9T1

Rajko and Krysia
Rajko Lunch Flunkie 8T8, Theatre Coordinator 8T9, Cast 9t0, 9T1,9T3, Director 9T5
Krysia Cast 8T9, 9t0

Tom and Andrew
Tom Cast 8T9, 9t0, Vocal Director 9T1
Andrew Cast 8T8, 8T9, 9t0, 9T1, 9T2, 9T3, 9T4, Co-Director 9T4

Heather and Marco
Heather Cast 8T9, 9t0

Carla and Marisa
Carla Cast 9t0, 9T3, 9T4
Marisa Crew 8T9, Cast 9t0, 9T2, 9T3, 9T4, Stage Manager 9T5

Fil and Lydia
Fil Cast 9t0, 9T1, 9T2, 9T3
Lydia Cast 8T8, 9t0, 9T1, Choreography 9T1, 9T2, 9T3, Director 9T3

Best Sketchs
Gordon Lightfoot, Durakeen, DuraBeer, Clint Eastwood, Fairy Tale, Tough Love, Movie (Class Asleep), Batman
Dud: Get Smart, Prime Time Tummy, Leons,

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