Skule Nite 0T0 -Audio Files

May 15th, 2000

Some songs from the Skule Nite 2000 Show. Note the server these are stored on will not allow M-P-3 files so the extension has been changed to "XYZ". To listen to them you will have to download them and change the extension to M-P-3 before you could play them.


1. Private Tutor - (3.1M)

The student is in a bind. He has an exam the next day and hasn't cracked the book yet. He needs the help of a tutor.


2. Tougest Grime - (2.3M)

So you think your detergent is the best on the market? Well you are WRONG!! Here is the best thing since sliced bread. Try our detergent. We'll even sing a song to try and convince you.


3. Supergeek - (3.8M)

Yes she is my sister and she is a Supergeek.


4. Granny Canuck - (2.0M)

Granny diner is all out of every meat product available. It has been a bad hunting season you know. But wait... There is another alternative. You'll be surprised at how good the new mystery meat is.


5. Freedom 59 - (3.4M)

The Engineering Science students have just found out that they have failed out. They will be transferred to another discipline. Shunned by their former classmates the students sing about what their dreams were and what their new life will be like.


More songs from the show May 7, 2000

6. Smooth - (2.3M)

James Bonds has a problem. "It" doesn't work any more. No problems James, there is Viagara to the rescue. Hold on while 'Q' explains the benefits.


7. The Finale - (2.7M)

They have rehearsed and rehearsed for the show and now it is the end.


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