Styrofoam Guy Extraordinaire???

Jan 27 2003

Where does this come from and what does it mean??? I help out with a volunteer theatre group and I help build a lot of sets and props. Over the years I have build quite a few unique items and a lot of them have been out of Styrofoam. This is the insulation type that has very small cells.
Over the years I have built or help build the following
Styrofoam stuff

4 foot long Enterprise (the original NCC-1701)
Full size Styrofoam motorcycle (FZR750R)
A chest buster from Aliens that sang
Helicopter to be thrown at Miss Saigon
Chinese Lion Dogs (two)
Build a six foot mosquito costume
6 foot hoggie
A brain for the Lobe Club for men
A six foot grasshopper
1:10 scale F18 Hornet to fly accross the stage and crash - Started with styrofoam but needed wood and fiberglass
The Canadian Parliament Building to be blown up
1:1 Dr Who Dalek
Non Styrofoam Stuff but neat none the less

A bazooka to shoot out a missile
Build a functioning orange dildo - let's pretend I didn't say that
Power Rangers Megazoid costume
Computer Costume
8 foot high light switch (get turned on)
Costume with a Duracell battery sticking out he back
A four foot I beam with Christmas lights
Star Trek console that blows up
A Spanish Gallion
Polka Pot Door
Four foot long needle
Statue of Liberty
Post Apocalyptic New York Scene
A baby crib that explodes
A crypt
The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo
Kodos and Kang from the Simpsons
1:1 Dinosaur that picked up someone - well I actually didn't help build this but though you would like to know what we did build
T-800 Terminator Skeleton - I be back!!
Two working Catapaults
Full size Llama costumes
12 ft Carrot costume
10 ft celery costume
1:10 scale X-Wing Fighters (3)
1:10 scale Tie Fighters (3)
1:1 Remote Control R2-D2


Looking at the list above you might think I am pulling your leg so here are a few pictures

A couple of shots of the T800 head 1:1 scale. Micro switch behind the head turns the eyes on after his head pivots up. Everyone should have one.

Skeleton of the 1:10 F18

Styrofoam inside. Wood wings and flashlight surrounds for the afterburners. You can barely see the four eye hooks for the guide wires for flying the thing

News paper covers the body to prep it for the fiberglass shell

Me and a very big walkman

Another shot of me and a Klingon Battle Cruiser from TOS

The mess Styrofoam makes when I am working on a project

Latest project was a female bust for the theatre show "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To The Forum" (whew). The expanded foam was used to fill in gaps between the styrofoam since I needed a smooth surface. The face was actually a plaster casting from a kids Halloween costume.


And here it is almost done. The smooth surface was achieved using spackling compound. The BIG busts were a requirement for a sight gag.

This is what it would look like without the spackling compound. I didn't do the back because I was running out of time. I had 2 weeks to finish the thing and they initially wanted two of them exactly the same.