Feb 8th 1997

Monogram Star Trek Voyager

A few fit problems but a whole lot better than other Star Trek kits. Front buzzard collector is not clear so this area can not be lit from behind. Some after market person does sell a clear resin part if you do want to light this up. Some windows provided as clear parts so lighting the kit is made easier

Kit Fit and Finish
Major gap between the upper and lower hulls underneath. The back bone area also needed a lot of filler. Clear parts for engine nacelles were a terrible fit and needed a bit of sanding and test fitting. Movable engines worked fine on my kit but I have read reports of others having it too loose so it flops around. Luck of the draw I guess. Molding was very nice

Ok I guess. Glue on mine was a milky so I took it all off and used a setting solution to help it snug down

Very nice representative of the spaceship. Paint it whatever colour you want. People are sometimes anal about the exact duck egg blue. I used a gray paint and shades. Personal preference I guess. Most of the time spent on the kit was in filling sanding and painting of the small details. The stand that comes with the kit is ok but sure looks flimsy. Fun kit to build except for the clear engine parts

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