Eduard 1:72 Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

Built out of the box (sort of). I replaced some plastic parts with brass rod and sheet. I had two of these kits and I wanted to try one first and see if I liked it or not. If I screwed up I really wouldn't care. I wanted to practice using photo etched parts to prepare for another project

The model turned out very good and it wasn't as hard or frustrating as I thought. There was only two instances where I was swearing up a storm. Glued together with thin CA glues. I thought about soldering but don't have the skills to do that yet. The other thing I liked about the kit is that there was little to no painting needed. This speeded up the building process.

Interesting looking model when finished. Very intimidating but I thought it was actually easy to build. Very fun and recommended. Personally I have always liked using photo etched and doing decals. Something some modellers hate with a passion.

Overall view of the model

This is a better view of the model that shows the delicate look of the kit. As parts were glued on the kit got stronger and stronger. The finished product actually had some weight to it. Part of the reason could be that I replaced certain plastic parts with brass rod and brass sheet.

Closer view of the brass framing

Here is the rear portion of the plane

A rear view of the plane. The wings are slightly swept back. I was sure this was an error but the box art photos did show this. I was going to replace the kit prop with a scratchbuilt one out of wood but I got lazy. Maybe on the next one since I do like to look of natural stained wood.

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