Built straight out of the box. No major problems but there are a few very noticeable seam lines that have to be filled between the wing assemblies..

Had some problems with the upper guns. Instructions weren't exactly clear on their placement. After a couple of misses they dropped into place.

When I installed the front windscreen there was a rather large gap between the windscreen and the body. I placed a bit of sheet styrene to cover this up.

Apparently the ship is not the correct shape. It should have been 10% longer. Not much you can do about that.

Guns should be a tube with stripes and not the ribbed arrangement in the kit.

Decals were no problem. None of the decal choices were actually in the show. Applied a coat of Future floor wax before putting the decals on. White stripes were slightly out and short in some places so cutting and pasting needed here.

Kit includes a pilot figure.

This was a very fun kit to build. I think the reason for this is that I was not concerned about any accuracy at all.

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