Last Modified Dec 20 2001

Feb 11 2001

Here are some quick pictures of The TIEs and X-Wing.

Now if you look at the TIE Interceptors they look like a half decent size. They still have to be painted and some more detail added to them. I thought they were 90% done but now I have changed that to 75% done. Doh! Running out of time...

After taking this picture I noticed that I have to add the detail to cover the tube that connects the detachable wings with the main body. Doh, Doh!!

I blinked here. Here I am holding the thing through a hole in the back. I still have to add a holding rod that will come out the back. This rod will allow the cast to do barrel rolls. The other option is a rod down the bottom. No barrel rolls but this will give it height. I will do one this way for variety.

Well the X-wing was scaled to match the TIEs. I can say now that it was a BIG mistake. Here is the first one near competion.

BIG is an understatement. I even shortened the thing by 2 inches in length and 3 inches in width.

No cockpit yet. I still have to rig the mechanism to go into attack mode. I also have to paint and add some more minor details. I would say 65% done. Doh, doh, doh!!!

With the rod out the back the X-Wing is 91 inches long. I think the length is needed to counter the nose heavy problem. The things isn't that heavy. 90% of the thing is foamcore. Round stuff is Bristol board. Wooden rod is attached to Styrofoam sheet for strength.

If and this is a big IF. If I have some time maybe I'll add some lights to the TIEs to make them look neater.


I bought some Star Trek Figures to put in the cockpits as the pilots but I never got that far.

March 2001

Here is a picture of the crew of the theatre show I was involved in. You can see 2 of the three X-Wings and Tie Fighters. There is also the 1:1 R2D2 I was working on at the same time. Now that I have plans I may scratch build a better one. I never finished the cockpits or had a chance to give them the correct paint jobs. R2 was the priority at the time. Derek who is carrying the model, built the Falcon. We didn't communicate properly so that is why the Falcon is out of scale with the X-Wings and Tie Interceptors.


It was a very stressful time but I am so glad it is over. Unfortunately the X-Wings and Tie Interceptors are now destroyed. At least I have my R2D2