SERENITY - Dec 14 2005

Start of the second section. Very bored now

Done. But a little fragile and the part broke

Whew this is taking a lot of time

Background: A couple of friends were going down to Flanvention the Firefly/Serenity convention.

I pondered for a bit about getting one friend to get some autographs for me. I finally decided to go for it even though it would cost quite a bit. I had a brass plaque made up with all stars names on it. The crew and Joss. Then each was supposed to sign above their name. I was then going to use the plaque as part of the base for my model. Unfortunately Gina and Joss were not there to sign stuff so I would be missing 2 signatures. I covered the brass sheet with some photos of the model in progress to show them what I was doing and to protect the face of the plaque

After reading reports of the event it sounded like a lot of fun. After the event I asked my friend how it went with my little project.

He wrote

Each of the guests LOVED your model. Summer was very impressed, and Nathan wants to see it when it's finished. I told him that when it was finished I would send him a link to your site through Jewels Mom, (and then of course through Jewel).

The all loved the idea of the plaque for it. The only catch to the plan was Summer and Nathan signed under their name rather then over, thus making Jewel and ....???? someone.... have to sign all cramped like over their name like they were supposed to. It still looks good, but above would have looked better, Sorry.

I wasn't able to get pictures of them signing it, No Cameras in the Signing Room at all. (not even the non-flashing kind).

***end post***

Major wootage.

The oddly placed signatures will look a bit funny but that cannot be helped at this point.

After viewing some video footage from a local convention and seeing the guest sign stuff I can see how it can get monotonous for them. I was hoping that this would be something different and unique for them. I am glad that they enjoyed what I had done so far.

When I do finish the model and get it all mounted the plaque will be a very nice touch. I will be very happy to show it off since it is a scratch build and the plaque is unique.

On the down side I also have to realize that there are jealous and bad people out there. I would be worried that the plaque and/or model would be stolen.

The model is unique and would be one of a kind. The plaque has value since there are signatures on it.

I know it sounds bad but I had a model of a Ferrari race car on a base and to decorate it I modified a large Ferrari badge key chain and mounted it to the base. At the end of a contest someone had stolen the badge. It had me scratching my head since it was only a key chain but I guess someone liked it and took it.

My friends story has energized me a bit to work a bit more on the model to try and get it finished sooner. I will have 11 days off for the holidays so hopefully I can do a lot then instead of pigging out on turkey.

When I get the plaque I will take a photo of it