SERENTY - Dec 5 2005


Found a new method to cut the triangle faster. Still a slow process

Every so often you think you come up with a brilliant idea but in actuality it is not.
I was working on the detail part for the engine, which was very tedious work. I took the little part to a club meeting to work on. Other saw that and were impressed with how much detail I am going into stuff. Or how insane I am.
One person suggested I make one master section and then make a mould and cast copies. I can then sand off the back resin until I get the desired thickness.
Of course it sounds easier compared to the labour intensive stuff I am doing now. From experience I know that what may seem simpler never turns out to be that way.
Although it sound easier it s a lot of work making the mould and casting the parts and working the parts to the desired thickness.
Well anyway I have found a quicker method of cutting up the little triangles and will finish it off this way.
There is another detail piece that I may consider casting parts for. That will be a lot more complex then triangles and I can spend lots of time on the one part making the master look very nice.