Tamiya 1:12 Honda RA273 1966

Plastic injection molded, rubber, decals

Two pictures of the engine with brown paint airbrushed over the white to simulate heat stains. The intake trumpets have been replaced with swaged aluminum tubing. I lost the kit parts. A bit hard to see in the right drawing but there is a styrene plate where the exhaust headers meet.

Built straight out of the box (almost).

I painted the car body white. I know it is supposed to be off white but I find this makes the car look dirty. Fit of the parts were generally good for a kit of this age.

Decals were old but with some setting solution they eventually went down.


1. Tires wouldn't sit properly on rims so I added tissue paper inside to balloon the tires out.

2. Exhaust headers go nowhere. They hang in the air so I made a plate to cover the top of the engine block. Using the exhaust pipes as a template to drill out holes for the exhaust pipes to go through.

3. Hoses for front radiator hard to fit on so I beveled the inside before putting them on.

4. Steering wheel came off during later assembly. I friction fit it on instead of gluing it on. Because the front end was already assembled I had to fiddle with it to get it back on

5. Screws and brackets to hold the front nose on is over scale. Try and replace this with something a lot smaller or display the model with the nose off.

6. Both top mounting points from the front suspension to the upright broke off. Be careful assembling this area and handling it.

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