Star Wars Episode 1 Pod Racer
Sept 19 1999

Built out of the box.

The main Pod. I had some problems with the blue decals not reacting to any setting solutions. Silver paint shows up any flaw. Two handles did not fit properly and the slots they were in had to be cut wider to get them to fit. Internal painting instructions very simple. I had no problem assembling the gridwork on the sides of the Pod but I can see people being confused by them. The cradle at the bottom right of the photo holds the black hose that goes to the two pods. I found that this wasn't wide enough and had to be filed open.

A second view of the pod. Install the antennas after the decalling. Decals were cut on the side back opening panels after they had dried.

One of the engines almost finished. Drybrushing, washes and picking out details can make these engines really pop out. There were at least 4 seam lines that had to be filled. Washes and painting can slightly hid them.

Close up of engine. Looks very busy.

The remaining parts of the engines. The blue decals on the three wing elements went on very easily compared to the ones on the pod. One has to be careful with silvering of the decals. A flat coat will be applied later to blend the decals with the rest of the element.

Close up of the elements. Note the slight silvering. The bumps in the tan paint work are not mistakes but shows where there is white glue underneath. I painted the elements silver first, added white glue at some points, then painted the tan colour. Later on I will pick these white glue parts off to show the silver underneath.


Here are some pictures of the finished pod racer. Not the best pictures but gives you an idea of what it looks like finished. Very nice looking model but not as easy as I thought it would be. The final assembly is a bit tricky with those metal rods and trying to line everything up.


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