1: 1 Nokia 5190 Phone with 3 Amigos Peter Max Decal Sheet
So what does one do with a 3 Amigos Peter Max Decal sheet that was not properly printed. We couldn't sell it to anyone so I decided to decorate my cell phone to make a one of a kind tribute to the late Dale Earnhardt Sr.

The faceplate from the cell phone easily comes off so the decals can be added without risking damaging the electronics inside. The decals were placed on the faceplate using Solvaset to get them to conform to the dips and curves. After the decals were dry any decal hanging over any edges were trimmed off. The decals were then sealed with 2 coats of Future Floor Wax. This has not proved very durable since some edges have chipped off.

A very unique faceplate that stands out in a time when everyone is getting a cell phone.

I do have quite a few decal sheets that aren't printed properly so who knows what will show up next


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