Tenariv 1:43 FerrarP2P3 1966 Lemans

Well there wasn't much in the box and I build it basically out of the box. It is an older kit so it isn't as refined as current kits. Very simple and rough parts. I got this as a used kits so I don't know if parts were missing or not. This didn't have and lens for the headlights or smaller lights. The pictures above show the kit almost finished with no decals of vac form parts yet

Good Points
Body looks good

Bad Points
Wheel inserts are rough
Not much detail inside compared to current kits
The rear lights are cast into the body
No decals for instrument panel

Not a bad looking kit when finished but little things make it look rough compared to current kits. If you bought a few after-market items this can be made into a killer looking model

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