Tameo 1:43 McLaren MP4/4 1998
January 8th 2000

Materials: White metal, Photo etched, decals, rubber, vac-form

This is the car driven my Aryton Senna and Alain Prost in the 1988 season where the two won 15 of 16 races. This car is the one that took Aryton Senna to his first World Champion

This is a kit from the Tameo World Championship Series. However compared to the other kits in the series I don't think it belongs here. It is a curbside and is crude compared to the others in the series which boast engine detail and beautiful mouldings and engineering.

Side view. Sorry pictures aren't the best but it is hard to get good pictures in this scale

Top view of finished model. Rear wing looks slightly out of shape but it is actually straight (trust me)

Close up of the cockpit. HArd to see but it is busy in there.

Close up of the tires with markings. You can slightly see the decal carrier around the "Eagle" and "R" I did not apply a clear coat over the decals after I put them on.

Front shot fo finished car.

3/4 shot

The view the opposition saw in 1988. See Ya!!



Decals for the Fluorescent red parts did not fit in the rear. The Shell logo on the side pods run into the red parts. Check pictures supplied with the kit and it is obvious.

Rear upper PE suspension member does not have tabs to fit into holes. It stands off slightly from the body .

Front wing elements mounting points were slightly oversized and quite a bit had to be trimmed off.

Not sure if it was me but the rear wing support did not mate up flush with the white metal wing element. If it was flush the rear wing would be pointing forward.


Trimming of decals is needed for the Flourescent parts. Even then they might not fit

Various stickers and markings for the tires is a nice touch.

Cigarette logos came in kit.

Only one decal sheet and one vac form provided in kit. Current Tameo offerings supply two decal sheets and two vacforms.

I replaced the kit mirror arms with brass rod.

Minor cleanup needed for the body.

Rear wing elements is a one piece white metal

Wheels are turned rims with PE inserts



This kit is an early Tameo effort and can be considered a dinosaur compared to his current stuff. A bit of effort will be needed to make a nice kit of this car. Test fitting of the entire suspension assembly before painting the body is recommended.