FERRARI 640 (1989
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This car was driven in 1989 my Nigel Mansel and Gerhard Berger. Mansel drove the car to victories in Portugal and Hungary

Good points
Nice Casting

Bad Points
Me trying to rush the model
Decals breaking up
PE looks rough

This model is mouded in resin with PE sheets, rubber, vac form and decals

There was little cleanup and little to no air bubbles in the casting. for some reason I had quite a few problems with this model. I am not sure if it was because I was trying to rush the model or if the PE parts were slightly out.

The PE etching looked a bit rough. Yes i know this kit is from around 1989 but I have seen older kits with PE that looks very good.

The PE for the rear wings was fine. Two rear wings are provided. The kit is for the 1989 Hungarian GP but a different wing is also included in case you want to model a different race.

I tried to solder the rear wing for strength. The first rear wing was ok but I applied too much heat to one side and it slightly warped. The second wing turned out better. Thank goodness for the two wings in the kit.

The PE suspension parts gave me the most trouble. For some reason they wouldn't square up and wouldn't sit properly. Even pre-drilling holes and test fitting didn't prevent me from these problems.

After so much frustration in trying to get the suspension together I quickly finished the kit just to get it done.

I sure wasn't happy with the results even though the kit looked very good in the box.

I also had problems with the decals breaking up on me when they hit water.

After several decals breaking up on my I had to do several things. First I covered the decals with Micro Film. This solved the breaking up problem. Secondly the car is now driven by Gerhard Berger instead of Nigel Mansel.

Other notes
Seatbelts cast in place
Front and rear wing PE
White metal rims (some cleanup needed)
Undertray made of PE parts and is a but fiddly

I don't know if I would recommend the kit. The resin casting is beautiful. I don't know if the problems with the PE was my fault or a problem with what was supplied.

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