FERRARI F189 Early Version 1989
Kit Used: Tamiya
Scale: 1:20

Jan 1 2000

Most of the parts of the kit. The body has the nose cut off already and the exhaust pipe have been scratch built. You can also see one of the radiator pipes on the monocoque.

Here is the engine with the scratch built rear suspension out of copper. The air intake box also has been scratch built.

Here is most of the model completed before painting of the body. The side air intakes have been modified as seen by the white styrene. You can barely see the modified brake detail. The front hubs have just been tied on that is why there is so much toe out.

Close up of the brake area. Picture not very clear

Rear view with a pencil tip for scale. It is hard to see the black engine detail but you get an idea of the detail included.


A higher view of the finished engine. Wires everywhere. Body hasn't been painted yet. Several of the mounting points for suspension or engine were PE parts from a generic detail set.

Close up of the cockpit. Notice seatbelt detail. Belt material is printer ribbon. Toggle switches are fine wire.

Top view of the finished model.

Close up rear of the finished model. Barely seen but the inside body panel is covered in foil textured with a file.

Engine shot. Fuel filler mechanism at top was scratched from brass and aluminum tubing turned on my Dremel tool. Radiator hoses all scratchbuilt. The overflow tank was a turned aluminum item done on my Dremel tool again. Not easy but it can be done.

Top view. Monocoque (and other body parts) has the carbon fiber pattern brushed into it. This was before carbon fiber decals were widely available. Here is a good view of the scratch built exhaust pipes. A big difference from the kit item.

Front suspension detail. The air ducts has been thinned. Brake discs are modified kit and PE items. Calipers were cut from the kit part and detailed.

Model with nose on

Rear view with body on. Mirrors were made from actual Plexiglas mirrors cut chopped and thinned to scale. Not easy but results looked good

Another view of the read brake detail. Little brass rods add detail

The finished model with the body on. The rear portion of the body doesn't fit easily due to the amount of detail added to the engine.

Top view of the finished model. Lot of time spent getting a gloss finish but worth it.

1. added hoses/wiring with AN fittings
2. Kit exhaust pipes replaced with individual parts formed from copper tubing (should have used electrical solder)
3. New oil catch tank. Aluminum turned in my Dremel tool

1. all body 1/4 turn fasteners replaces
2. Front nose cut from main body
3. Brass rod used as body mounting points
4. Front radiators scratch built from thin sheet aluminum
5. Hoses and connectors to radiators added

1. Front and rear suspension arms replaced with ones brazed from copper rod then shaped (I did this because I wanted thinner and stronger suspension arms, thinking back now, I have no idea why I did this but at least I know how to work with copper now)
2. Replace rear shock with scratch built items

Tires/ Wheels/ Brakes
1. Goodyear logos spray painted on, added brake lines, added valve stems
2. Replaced kit disk brakes with PE vented brakes, Calipers salvaged from kit parts and modified for model

1. Sanded out molded on seat belts and replaced with ribbon and PE seat belt harness
2. Modified electrical boxes above monocoque add wiring etc
3. Semi-automatic levels detailed and wired (The first car to use this so I thought I would spent a little more time here even though hardly anyone can see it)

1. Brushed paint to produce a fine pattern (supposed to be carbon fiber pattern but this turns out to be incorrect since the surface is smooth)
2. Replace endplates with thinner sheet plastic

Paint - Body: Automotive lacquer, Other: Tamiya acrylics, Gunze Metal Color, Testors Metal Master, Humbrol Metal Cote
Glue - Zap-A-Gap 70%, Testors 30%
Aftermarket - Millennium 2000 Polishing Kit, Microscale - Micro Sol, Squadron White Putty, Fotocut - Nut & Bolt, Dzus Fasteners, MSC Model Products Braided Line, AN Fittings, Replica & Miniatures Tire Stencils, Replicas & Miniatures Dzus Fasteners. S&S Specialties - Linkage Arms, Fastener Detail Set
References - Ferrari Annual 1990, various Autosport issues

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