1:350 Enterprise E

Last Updated Oct 19 2006

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Saucer Cross sections - saucer02.dwg 3.3 meg file
This is the cross sections of the saucer at 2 inch intervals. The cross sections have been formatted to be printed on 11x17 papers. It is an AutoCAD dwg file and you will have ot use the window option to pick the various sheets to be printed

Saucer Top and side view - saucer01.dwg 14 meg file
This is the top and side view pof the saucer that should be printed out to use as the base to attach the cross sections. The top view is not really necessary but is helpful. The side view is needed.

Due to the size of the cross sections a large format printer will be needed. It is possible to break it up into smaller sections to be printed on 8.5x11 or 11x17 but that is up to the builder.

Oct 19 2006

Body Cross sections - body03a.dwg 1.7 meg file
Broken up into 4 sheets of 11x17. THe last few cross sections are only half of the printout needed. It was done this way to save space

Body Top and Side viewss - body03b.dwg 9.4 meg file

Nacelle Cross sections - nacel04a.dwg 371k file
Only one side has bene done. You will have to mirror the cross section for the other side

Nacelle Top and Side views - nacel04b.dwg 1.2 meg file
Again only one said has been included

Mesh by Ralph Schoberth