Revell 1:24 1969 Dodge Dart
December 10th 1996
More pictures when I develop the film

The Dart has been stretched on the side panels and the floor pan. A mold of the side and bottom was made using chalking silicone sealant. A cheap method but it works. Several side and bottom panels were cast with Fiberglas resin. Unfortunately the castings were slightly out of register and when the parts were grafted to the body there was some slight misalignments. This meant a lot of sanding filing and puttying to get half decent sides. With the amount of work done it would have been easier to buy two more kits to cut apart.

Rear Sear
What to put in the rear seat? Several things were discussed. A hot tub, bowling alley, swimming pool. I finally settled on the dart board (hard to see) I want to eventually put a in driver with a helmet and darts sticking out of it.

With the amount of time put into the model I didn't look forward to polishing out a paint job. I settled on the current paint scheme which is in reference to large cars being called boats. Thus the paint scheme of the Bismarck on the sides and deck tan on top. A nice semi-gloss finish that was quick and easy to do

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