Aliens 3: Aliens Creature

Halcyon 1:9 (HAL11)
April 20th 1997
Plastic injection, no decals
Figure went together quickly. Nicely molded. Top of head comes with a clear part so this can be painted transparent. Used Testor Metalizer paint first to get the meatlic look. Painted sections with Tamiya metalic blue. Covered this with Tamiya smoke to get the deep black look. Pictures really suck but in real life figure looks black with hints of the metalic blue. Wasn't sure if I should have used purples to areas but was running out of time since this was a gift. Used white glue spots in areas on the head before applying the smoke. The idea was to let the clear show through and see the inside detail. In hindsight I should have had more spots to show more of the inside detail. I used the metalizer and smoke before I glued the clear part on. Again in hindsight I should have painted the inside head then glued the clear part on next. Thi sway I could fix all the seam ling properly before any more painting was done.
Filling seams not too bad although a couple of areas around the next were hard to reach

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