FERRARI F641/2 1990
Kit Used: Tamiya
Scale: 1:12

Overall picture of finished model with all the body panels on. Helmet is from a motorcycle kit. The helmet was custom painted with aftermarket decals.

Overhead view of the engine and transmission before assembly to the monocoque.

Side view of the engine and transmission before assembly to monocoque.

Front monocoque assembly before attaching to the engine.

Modifications to body panels. White portions are added sheet styrene. There are two nose sections shown here. I built two models at the same time.

Top view of the completed model with body taken off. Hard to see but most of seatbelt hardware and belts replaced.

Rear view of completed kit. Items of note are, the scratch built dummy wheels (to show off the brake detail) and the wire from the rear wing down to the floor.

Close up top view of the engine.

Second overhead view of the engine.

View of back left side pod. Items of note are, Probes in hoses, extra wiring added, weld lines and tinting of exhaust piping

View of cockpit

Overall side view of finished model with body off.

The Formula One Grand Prix Racing is perhaps, the brightest and most sought after goal in world motor sports activity. Designer John Barnard and his Ferrari staff successfully developed a unique but very effective racer around a normally aspirated 3.5 liter V-12 cylinder, 5 valve per cylinder power plant. The body shape with the distinctive "coke bottle" rear was developed to improve the airflow around the car. The seven speed semi-automatic gear box is activated by a rocker located behind the steering wheel. The clutch pedal is used only when starting from a standing stop. With drivers (then three times World Champion) Alain Prost and Nigel Mansel the Ferrari team was able to score their 100th victory during the 1990 Grand Prix Season.

1. Oil catch tank: added hoses with AN fittings, weld seam lines and photo etched parts
2. Weld lines on exhaust added along with fastening flanges
3. Gold foil from cigarette paper added to rear engine section, New lip and carbon fiber decals for air box
4. New throttle linkage system, grain of wheat bulb in rain light

1. Add fasteners to windshield, all body 1/4 turn fasteners replaces
2. Front nose and body add inside flange and alignment pins

1. Back shock reservoirs add holding wire, heat shield, P.E. bolt to anti-roll bar and mounting bracket detail, replace kit hose with braided hose.
2. Front suspension anti-roll bars scratch built, modified front and rear shocks, added hoses
3. Front suspension mounts scratch built and use nut and bolt to attach shocks

Tires/ Wheels/ Brakes
1. Computer design scratch built tire stickers, Scratch built dummy wheels (used for transport and alignment)
2. Brake calipers modified and detailed with brass rod and P.E. bolts
3. Goodyear logos painted, Added brake lines, Added valve stems
4. Carbon fiber decals on brake air scoops and thinned walls for scale appearance

1. Seat belt material replaced, Scratch built seat belt hardware, Scratch suspension hardness level assembly
2. Modified electrical boxes above monocoque, new hold down straps made
3. New instrument panel, scratch toggle switch, antennas and rotating switches
4. Add wiring to front bulkhead, master cylinder area

Side Pods
1. Modified radiator connectors, carbon fiber decals added to side pods
2. Radiator hoses connections replaced with blue hose and hose clamps, add hex fittings and wiring for various probes
3. Carbon fiber decals on side pods. Scratch electrical boxes/ wiring on left side pods(not included in kit)
4. Small side tanks add weld lines and hoses

1 Add carbon fiber decals to front side wings, Small wire from rear wing to bottom under tray added

Paint - Body: Tamiya spray lacquer, Other: Tamiya acrylics, Gunze Metal Color, Testors Metal Master, Humbrol Metal Cote
Glue - Zap-A-Gap 90%, Testors 10%
Aftermarket - Millennium 2000 Polishing Kit, Microscale - Micro Sol, Squadron White Putty, Fotocut - Nut & Bolt, Dzus Fasteners, MSC Model Products Braided Line, AN Fittings, Make Up Parts For Detailing Tire Stencils, Replicas & Miniatures Dzus Fasteners. S&S Specialties - Linkage Arms, Fastener Detail Set, Throttle Linkage Details
References - Formula Perfect Manual Series Vol 1.

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