Built out of the box. Resin, white metal, rubber, vacform and decals.

Bad Points
Decals would not respond to any solvent.
The way the body sits on the chassis does not look right.
Headlight covers are a bad fit.
Terrible instructions.
Vacform parts were not a great fit. Lots of white glue needed to fill gaps.

Good Points
Nice casting. No body filling needed
Rear light assembly very nice

I know 1:43 instructions are minimalistic but these were no help at all. A bit of fiddling with the wheels was needed so that it didn't look like a dinky toy. Side glass took several tried to get it to fit to the curved surface. Decals would not respond to any solvent so for the side numbers I had to use a hair dryer and white glue to get it to sit down. Shocks given in kit but location of them is unknown. I sort of glued them in where I thought they should be after looking at the old Heller kit.

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