Bandai (UPC) 1:12 1965 Ferrari 512, Driver John Surtees

Feb 16th 2000

Built out of the box. This was an old kit that was designed to have an engine in it. Because of this the engine block is inaccurate and there front section has been compromised for a battery box. The chrome in the kit was flaking off so these section has to be repainted. The tires were still in good shape but are oversized. The wheels suffered from serious injection pin marks that were not easy to fill and fix. The cockpit also has been compromised to include switches to turn on the electric motor that could have been installed.

Front tires and wheels. On the right is also the disc brakes

Clockwise from top left: Cover for battery pack, mirrors, windscreen and steering wheel.

Overall body shot

Closeup of excellent fit of body parts. Intake trumpets are aftermarket turned aluminum. Suspension pieces and roll bar have been repainted gunmetal. Chrome from kit was flaking off and I didn't want to get the parts replated.

Nose shot. Front suspension does look fragile for a kit that is supposed to be motorised.

Gearbox area. Some of the suspension pieces had good chrome that I used. The exhaust pipes were stripped of their chrome and repainted with Testors Chrome. This is great stuff but you have to minimize handling or the finish will dull quickly.

Close up of engine block. Simple wiring, skinny springs, small exhaust piping, big nuts on front of the suspension mounts. Springs were a disaster and I should have replaced these with better ones.

Another shot of the gearbox. Note that rear sway bar is not mounted to the gearbox so it can flop around. This was later glued down

Close up of top of engine block. Not much there. Since this was out of the box I did little to no research or I may have been tempted to correct all the mistakes.

View into cockpit. Hole beside seat for motor switch. No instruments in panel yet. No pedals because batteries go there.

Front of car. Note big bolts for assembling suspension. Not badly detailed for the age of the kit

Another view of front suspension

FERRARI!!!!. There were no decals in the kit so I made the numbers from white decal paper. The Ferrari decals were taken from an extra sheet I had for the Tamiya 312T4

The finished model

Is that one mean looking machine or what????

Top view

3/4 Top view

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