Silverline 1:43 Ferrari 333SP Team Scandia Daytona 24 Hours 1995

White metal with PE sheets, turned rims, rubber, vac form and decals

Good Points
Nice PE sheet
fit of parts good

Bad points
Clear film on decal sheet slightly out. First couple of decals broke apart when they touched water. To solve this I painted Micro film onto the decal areas with no clear film.

I didn't do a detailed check of the shape of the body but it appears there is a slight error in the shape of the side scoops. This error is present on quite a few 333 kits.

I had no over all problems with assembling of the kit. Parts needed a bit of clean up but casting were good. I replaced the bars behind the drivers head with brass rod.

The instructions show side plexiglass type windows are to be installed but no material was supplied.

There was one set of decals and one set of vacformed clear parts. Two of the three vacformed parts fit very well. The third part (headlight cover) was slightly small but with a bit of work can be mostly hidden.

Two sets of rear wings are included in the kit. Make sure you get the correct rear wing and wing support from the PE sheet

Other notes
Turned rims w/ PE inserts
PE seatbelts

Overall a nice looking kit that build well.

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