TRON: Ferrari 275 GTB 1:43

May 8th 1996

A quick kit to get something built. Terrible looking kit in box but turned out looking great.

Not a great picture. A bit fuzzy at the ends

Front view. Picture also a bit fuzzy

Lacquer paint polished up with "The Final Detail". Am surprised how good this product worked. Have been advised to not use it on Acrylic paints (Tamiya) since it will dull it out quickly. Other applications of this stuff have had varying results, from great to just ok.

Items missing from kit;
Wire wheel spacers
Decals missing Instruments, Ferrari Logo
Turn signal lights

Items bad about kit;
Bad fit of Vacformed parts
Yellowing decals
Chunk steering wheel - didn't feel like spending time scratchbuilding one
Rear Lights - ok but modified them to look better

Items good about kit;
PE wire wheels
PE knockoffs
PE headlight surrounds
Cost only $10
Interior panels
Bumpers and door handles<

Other aftermarket parts used are jewel turn lights, PE Cavalinos and Ferrari Script.

Broke the kit rear bumper when trying to polish it up. Scratch built one out of solder.

Photos added Dec 26, 2010

Ferrari 275 GTB

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