Nov 7 1998 Pictures added Jan 19 1999

This is a model of the car driven by Gilles Villeneuve inthe 1982 season. Unfortunately it is the car that he was killed in. Although a sad background I have always liked the look of this car.

The model
Built straight from the box with some very mild detailing. The wing end plates were replaced with aluminum sheet. Kit fit together a lot better than I thought it would. I have heard bad things about the Protar kits. A friend who built the 1:24 McLaren MP4/2C was not impressed.
No major fit problems. Everything is simplified but can be built into a very nice model.

Bad points
Body panel under front suspension not included
Wind screen is attached to tree in such a way that taking it off creates a mark that isn't easy to hide.

Good Points:
Spring for rear suspension included (although they are a bit thin)
Tires fit on wheels and tires looked good. I know certain kits the tires would not fit on the wheels and on some tires the rubber has swirl marks in them. Slight raised lettering on tires.

Decals went on well but I have seen other kits with cracked decals.
No seat belt material/ hardware or decals included.
The body is not designed to be removed. If you want this removable you will have to scratch build the radiators.

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