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There appears to be quite a few people who want to build their own full size R2D2. When I first started this project in April 1999 I came to the conclusion that there isn't much accurate information out there.

If there was information it was in little bits and pieces.
Then came the R2 Builder Group

Over time the members of this group gathered information and made plans of our little buddy.
There are blueprints drawings and quite a few parts that you can purchase from other members to aid in your own full size R2. Note that traffic is very heavy on this site

As time went on other groups formed. Now there is the Astromechs group for all types of SW droids

(updated link Nov 27 2014)Traffic is not as heavy but good tidbits every so often. The files section has some very good useful drawings that the above site does not have

and the R7 group
Traffic is even less herer but every so often something good pops up

Then there is the
This is a forum based system and is a bit easier finding specific subjects you might be interesed in

. All groups are very helpful if you want to build your own droid.

As I have been upgrading and modifying my R2 I have kept adding to my web page. It got quite cumbersome and messy. I finally decided to take some time to organize things so they are easier to find. This is the result and I hope you enjoy it. The menus to the left are now divided into sections. The pages are the order I have added them to my web page.

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