A&A Parts


Last Updated Dec 11, 2011

Here is a page with all of the different A&A Parts that are available and the tutorials on how to put them together. I am always looking for better photos that can help people understand how to put these kit together so if you have some photos please email me.

We are always looking for ways to improve our kits or any ideas for other kits.


1. R5 Dome - Aug 6, 2004

2. R2 & R7 Skin Kit Extras - Jan 20, 2005

3. A&A Frame - March 20, 2005

4. Drink Tray - Sept 10, 2005

5. Leg Kit - May 10, 2006

6. Skirt Kit - July 29, 2007

7. Foot shells - Nov 9, 2007

8. Foot Drive Kit - Dec 28, 2008

9. Periscope Kit - Nov 26, 2009

10. Data Port and Charging Bay - May 29, 2010

11. Dr Who K9 Kit - April 11, 2009


All A&A Parts are made from one sort of PLASTIC or another, Not Aluminum.


A&A Parts List


FR-01 Frame

FR-02 Frame w/gears

FR-03 Back Door

FR-04 Gear Set For R2 and B9



TR-01 Tray (with both sets of legs)

TR-02 Tray 1 set of legs 2 legged mode

TR-03 Tray 1 set of legs 3 legged mode

TR-04 Set of tray legs 2 leg mode

TR-05 Set of tray legs 3 leg mode



LG-01 A&A Legs

LG-02 Outer Legs only(no shoulders)

LG-04 Center Leg

LG-05 Permanent 3 legged ankles

LG-03 Layered Shoulders



R5-01 R5 Dome

R5-02 R5 Dome Frame

R5-03 R5 Kit (Dome and Frame)



SK-01 R7 Skins

SK-01.5 R7 Inner Skins

SK-02 R2 Skins

SK-03 Skin Extras

SK-06 Skin Template

SK-07 1 layer skins to fit tube

SK-08 Inner Door details

SK-09 Front vent internals only

SK-10 Front Panel (Behind restraining Bolt)

SK-11 Power Port Panel



DR-01 Dome Ring for C&J Dome

DL-01 PSI Lenses <- This is a 3 lense set, front & back round and the rectangular panel that lights up.

DP-01 Dome plate w/extras PETG

DP-02 Dome Plate No Extras PETG

DP-03 Dome Lift Kit

DP-04 Dual Dome Lift Kit

HP-01 HP Servo Mount

HP-01.2 HP Servo Mount Kit (set of 2)

HP-01.3 HP Servo Mount Kit (set of 3)

HP-01F HP Servo Mount

HP-01.2F HP Servo Mount Kit (set of 2)

HP-01.3F HP Servo Mount Kit (set of 3)



SM-01 Scooter Motor Holders

SM-02 Center foot caster holder

FS-01 Feet Shell

FK-01 Feet Shell/Scooter Motor Holder




ST-01 Skirt



R2 Body Kit

BK-01 Skins with extras, Frame, Skirt, Legs, Feet

Includes the following kits

FR-01 Frame

SK-02 Skins

LG-01 A&A Legs

FS-01 Feet Shell

ST-01 Skirt



K9 Kit

K9-01 K9 Full Kit





MS-01 Mouse flatpack