Video of Dome gear

Here is the dome gear installed on a rockler type bearing and on the A&A frame. The video was taken with my digital camera so it is a bit dark.

1. Over view of the gear working with the motor installed. The motor is tiny and is only 66rpm but has loads of torque. Someone looking at it would doubt it is strong enough. Even when I first saw it I was skeptical.

Purchased from

I got the Lynxmotion GHM-08 Gear Head Motor along with the motor shaft hub and mounting bracket.
327 oz-in torque
Current = 123ma no load
Current = 2.05A locked shaft

RPM is a bit slow but I do not mind

2. Close up of the gear

3. With my R5 dome installed

4. Weights - I tried to put some weight on th esystem so I have a metal bracket and a 12V7.2AH gel cell battery. It shows the durrent to be around 0.24A which is what it has been for all the tests I have run so far.